Chapter 344: If I Have to Choose, It Has to Be Her (1)

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An Xiaxia smiled as well. “Miss Song, is all this acting really necessary? It looks really bad for you, putting up one face in front of Sheng Yize and becoming this whole different person when talking to me. Relationships can’t be measured by the length of time. Whatever touching vows you two made back then, they were all in the past! I’m Sheng Yize’s girlfriend now and we love each other very much! We’re happy! If he chooses you, I’ll leave myself. Save your crocodile tears!”

Song Qingchen changed her tone all of a sudden and said in a delightful voice, “Xiaxia, I was only joking. Why are you so serious?”

An Xiaxia was shocked.

“Teehee, you and Brother Ah Ze are so in love! I envy you so much!” The malice was all gone and Song Qingchen was now as lovely as an innocent girl.

An Xiaxia felt a chill creep up her spine. This Song Qingchen was such a terrifying person!

This woman was like a shapeshifter!

“Stop pretending already…” An Xiaxia couldn’t help but say her sarcastic comment aloud. Tears welled up in Song Qingchen’s eyes right away. “Xiaxia, you’re mistaken about me… I – I really didn’t mean it… How can you say that to me… You can just tell me what I did wrong and I’ll apologize…”

An Xiaxia felt like cursing.

You pure-faced bitch! What are you even crying for?!

Plus, if apologies were worth anything, there was no need to have the police at all!

While An Xiaxia vented sarcastically in her head, she heard steady footsteps coming from behind.

She was dazed.

It dawned on her right away that Song Qingchen was doing this on purpose!

She was trying to give Sheng Yize the wrong idea about An Xiaxia, which would make herself the poor childhood sweetheart and An Xiaxia the unforgiving new sweetheart.

Could she at least try to be creative?!

An Xiaxia had grown up in a great atmosphere, loved by her family and good friends. She hated this type of petty tricks more than anything else.

Seeing Sheng Yize return, Song Qingchen ran to him and tugged at his clothes. “Brother Ah Ze… I think I said something inappropriate, because Xiaxia told me off…”

An Xiaxia smacked her forehead with her palm. Girl, are you playing the primary school student telling the teacher on me? And all those tears! Exactly what did I do to you?!

She kept her gaze on Sheng Yize, looking forward to seeing his reaction.

After all, he owed this sweetheart his life… He might actually turn on her for Song Qingchen…

However, Sheng Yize only darted Song Qingchen an indifferent look. “Well, I guess I’ve spoiled Xiaxia. If she has offended you in any way, I apologize on her behalf.”

Song Qingchen’s pretty crying face froze instantly.

This wasn’t what she had had in mind!

Shouldn’t Sheng Yize chide An Xiaxia a little at least… Song Qingchen had her incendiary lines ready, to drive a wedge between the couple!

Why was he standing up for An Xiaxia without asking any questions?!

Was An Xiaxia that important to him already…

Song Qingchen wiped her tears away gracefully and smiled magnanimously. “That’s ok. I’m not offended. Brother Ah Ze, I’m heading back, then.”

“Alright. Be careful alone at home,” Sheng Yize said nonchalantly. He then went to An Xiaxia and picked her up in both arms as he complained, “Why are you still running around with that wounded ankle? Does it still hurt? Do you need more medicine on it? Cry again and I don’t have any candy around this time…”

Song Qingchen stood there, utterly embarrassed. Sheng Yize had waved her off with a single sentence, but why did he care so much about An Xiaxia?!