Chapter 345: If I Have to Choose, It Has to Be Her (2)

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She said goodbye to Sheng Yize with her perfect smile and gracefully made her exit.

All her reluctance had transformed into the deepest resentment toward An Xiaxia, which contorted her pretty face.

Dearie Sheng, who had been ignored this whole time, frowned at this. Why did this big sister, who had been smiling at brother a second ago, clench her teeth in hatred as soon as she turned around?

That was so weird.

An Xiaxia’s ankle was pretty badly injured, and it was too painful to even walk around. Hence, she couldn’t go anywhere and had to stay at home like a little shut-in.

As a result, Sheng Yize had put off all his public appearances to keep her company at home.

Dearie Sheng finished his homework, stretched, and left his room to find An Xiaxia.

What he saw outside wasn’t very “singleton-friendly.”

The afternoon winter sun shone warmly on the straw mattress by the French window, where the couple was seated. Sheng Yize was leaning against the window listening to some music while An Xiaxia used his thighs as her pillow, flipping through a colorful comic book.

Her eyes flickered with fervor when the plot was exciting, and desolation would flood her face when the story was sad.

Feeling tired a moment later, she yawned lazily, wiggled into a comfortable position on Sheng Yize’s legs, covered her face with the comic book, and closed her eyes.

Sheng Yize was absorbed in a song on his iPod which he had written earlier, and he involuntarily combed An Xiaxia’s hair with his long fingers.

The stroking on her head was so comfortable that An Xiaxia fell asleep in no time.

Sensing that the girl’s breaths had turned long and even, he carefully removed the comic book and gazed at An Xiaxia’s face.

She had delicate and pretty features. Her fair and smooth skin was so tender that it almost looked brittle. Long, thick eyelashes cast shadows on her face, reminding him of two tiny fans.

An idea struck him just then. Lifting the comic book, he bent down and kissed An Xiaxia’s pink lips…

A few steps away, Dearie Sheng watched this with an open mouth. He opened his eyes wide, finding Sheng Yize kissing An Xiaxia unfathomable.

His aloof and level-headed brother was actually capable of stealing kisses from his sleeping girlfriend…

Sheng Yize sat back up after the peck and looked right into the eyes of an embarrassed Dearie Sheng.

He raised an eyebrow, removed the earphone on one side, and beckoned Dearie Sheng over with a finger.

Dearie Sheng ran over to him as bid. Sheng Yize lowered his voice and whispered, “Do you like Xiaxia?”

Dearie Sheng shook his head like a little tsundere. However, he then remembered what he had seen of her in the past few days: the adorable, dumb, endearing, and invigorating Xiaxia… and, the Xiaxia who had sprained her ankle trying to help him…

After a little hesitation, he nodded affirmatively!

Sheng Yize didn’t miss the change in his expression. He then said with a straight face, “Good. If that’s the case, be nice to her from now on.”

He had that fatherly demeanor when he turned serious and Dearie Sheng nodded obediently. However, the kid couldn’t help but feel frustrated. “Brother, do you really like her that much?”

The mild sunlight fell on Sheng Yize’s remarkably good-looking face. He curled his lips and smiled in a self-mocking way. “I guess… I really like her that much…”

He liked her so much that he didn’t know how to answer Dearie Sheng’s question.

He liked her so much that before he realized, he couldn’t even begin to describe his feelings for An Xiaxia.

“Just remember this: She’s my girlfriend. I’ve let you have your way because you’re just a kid. I can’t even bring myself to make her sad, do you think I’ll allow you to do so?” he scolded Dearie Sheng with a stern face.