Chapter 346: If I Have to Choose, It Has to Be Her (3)

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Dearie Sheng lowered his little head and said reluctantly, “Fine…”

After that, he picked up An Xiaxia’s comic book curiously and saw cartoon characters of a boy and a girl on the cover. He mumbled, “Brother, can I have a look at this?”

“No, you can’t.” Sheng Yize denied his request ruthlessly. “It’s a comic for teenage girls and only teenage girls can read it.”

Dearie Sheng was speechless.

Sulking, he put down the comic book and went to play video games.

When An Xiaxia woke up, she happily joined him.

Sheng Yize watched as the kid and the bigger kid played video games together. He thought his heart was going to melt.

For the first time, this house that had once just felt empty and deserted looked like a real home.

“Dearie Sheng! You’re hopeless! How can you be so good at your homework and so bad at games! You’ve gotten me killed twice!” An Xiaxia complained as her fingers quickly pressed the buttons.

Dearie Sheng looked embarrassed and tried to find an excuse for himself. “It’s not like I’ve played this before!”

“What?” An Xiaxia was shocked. “Then what do you do every day?”

“Go to school, take after-school lessons, reap the benefits of all the usual selective education programs… Other than that, I eat and I sleep.” Frowning, Dearie Sheng listed his daily activities.

“Oh god…” An Xiaxia was astonished. It sounded like the boy didn’t do anything fun at all. “Don’t you watch cartoons? Or go out with friends?”

Dearie Sheng remained silent.

The corner of An Xiaxia’s mouth twitched. So that was a no. No wonder he acted like a middle-aged man — that schedule explained everything.

“Poor you.” An Xiaxia rubbed his head sympathetically and Dearie Sheng dodged her as he became that little tsundere again. “That’s common practice for all children of the Sheng family. Brother grew up this way, too!”

An Xiaxia drew back her hand resentfully and darted a look at the guy cooking in the kitchen. She was very curious about what Sheng Yize was like when he was little.

It dawned on her then. When you like someone, you not only wanted to spend every minute with them all the way into the future, you also wanted to know about their past, be it sad, happy, good, or bad.

Sheng Yize cooked a big dinner for them, which An Xiaxia and Dearie Sheng feasted on.

After a few days of cohabitation, the two had become quite close now, which was demonstrated by them… fighting over the meat.

“Brother cooked this for me! FOR ME!”

“So what if he’s your brother? He’s my boyfriend!”

“Hmph! Watch your weight. You’re going to become a fatso…”

“You stupid kid! Talk like that and you’ll never find a girlfriend!”


Sheng Yize then successfully resolved their dispute with a casual question. “Have you two finished your homework?”

An Xiaxia said, “… Dearie, the drumsticks tonight are so delicious. Have another one!”

Dearie Sheng replied, “… No, no, Sister Xiaxia, eat as much as you like! Don’t hold back for my sake!”

The two had spent the whole day playing video games… As for homework, how could they have had time for that?

After finishing their meals at lightning speed, the two kids went back to their rooms with guilty consciences.

Sheng Yize took a shower and ridiculed her as he toweled his hair dry. “You’re a bad influence on Dearie. I now know that laziness is indeed contagious…”

“Teehee… No, I’m not…” An Xiaxia forced a smile and pretended to check her social media, avoiding the subject.

She had just tapped open the most popular topics on Weibo when her phone buzzed.

It was an incoming message.

“Xiaxia, let’s talk. Don’t tell Yize about it.”

The name below read: Sheng Qingyi!