Chapter 347: If I Have to Choose, It Has to Be Her (4)

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An Xiaxia’s hand trembled and she almost dropped her phone.

Sheng Qingyi… Wasn’t that Sheng Yize’s father…

Why did he want to see her? Shouldn’t he go to Sheng Yize first?

Despite all her doubts, An Xiaxia replied with an “OK.” Sheng Qingyi soon sent her the address of a restaurant and the time of their meeting.

“What are you doing there?” Sheng Yize whispered in her ear.

“Nothing…” An Xiaxia put her phone away, smiled at Sheng Yize, and took a deep breath.

Whatever will be, will be.

Bring it on, then.

The next day.

An Xiaxia arrived at the designated restaurant at the time Sheng Qingyi had sent her.

Sheng Qingyi was even more punctual — apparently, he had arrived earlier. He smiled at her in that genteel way characteristic of middle-aged men and he had that charming air of a man his age.

To An Xiaxia, he was a mature version of Sheng Yize — her boyfriend actually looked quite like his father.

“Xiaxia, please have a seat,” he said with a smile and An Xiaxia sat down as told.

Sheng Qingyi cut to the chase. “Do you know why I want to meet you?”

An Xiaxia shook her head honestly, but she had a hunch that it was very likely about Sheng Yize.

Sheng Qingyi casually picked up a ceramic tea cup and said unhurriedly, “I’m not going to give you the ‘here’s a blank check, leave my son’ act, but I do hope you’ll realize that you don’t deserve Yize.”

An Xiaxia lowered her eyes. She knew something like this would happen.

“Growing up, he had the best education, went to the best school, used the best brands… Of course, I’m not showing off our wealth here; there’s no need for that. I’m only analyzing the situation rationally. You two don’t match in your family backgrounds, education history, and your upbringing. To people of your generation, a marriage between families of equal social rank may sound ridiculous, but you have to admit that children of different social ranks do differ in their world views, ideologies, and personalities, among other things.”

An Xiaxia listened to him in silence. Her slim fingers tugged hard at the lower hem of her sweater, so hard that her knuckles turned white.

“Falling in love is beautiful and true feelings are very moving, but I don’t want to hear that from you. I asked you to come here just to let you know: Yize will never marry you. Feel free to stick around if that’s what you want, but the Sheng family will never recognize you. You’ll never be part of the family. A mistress, that’s as high as you can go.”

Sheng Qingyi was smiling placidly, as if he had no idea how cruel his words were to a 16-year-old girl. At the look on An Xiaxia’s pale face, his smile only turned colder.

That was how the Sheng family did business. No emotions were involved and everything was cold-blooded.

To him, he was only stating the facts. As for whether An Xiaxia would accept it or if she got hurt, it wasn’t his concern.

An Xiaxia forced a smile. “Uncle, if you had to choose a wife for Sheng Yize, who would it be?”

Song Qingchen raised an eyebrow, realizing that she had met Song Qingchen already. He decided to twist the knife further. “The younger daughter of the Song family and Yize’s childhood sweetheart — that would be my choice if I had to pick one.”

The cooperation between the two tycoons would definitely establish a new business empire!

Plus, Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen had feelings for each other! An Xiaxia had only been with him for six months. She was no match for Song Qingchen, who had not only known Sheng Yize for over a decade, but had also saved his life!

“But you’re not Sheng Yize. Why are you making the choice for him?”