Chapter 348: If I Have to Choose, It Has to Be Her (5)

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The smile vanished from Sheng Qingyi’s face instantly.

An Xiaxia’s reply wasn’t aggressive at all. Instead, she laid all the facts on the table and spoke in an unhurried tone, trying to talk some sense into Sheng Qingyi. “Uncle, I understand what you’re trying to say. Sheng Yize and I have our differences and we’re perfectly aware of that. All we can do about it is to slowly work them out together. Given enough time, we both can change. This relationship may not have started off as a perfect one, but we’re doing our best to perfect it.

“How things will turn out between us is our own business. Besides, it’s not really your place to decide Sheng Yize’s marriage. If it really comes to that, I’ll marry him if he asks for my hand. With or without the recognition of the Sheng family, we’ll do a civil registration. I believe that recognition in the eyes of the law is above that of a single family, isn’t it?”

Sheng Qingyi was silent for a moment before saying with a smile, “Xiaxia, you’re a smart girl.”

He had underestimated An Xiaxia.

To have the courage to make that speech in front of him, a merciless and resolute experienced businessman, An Xiaxia wasn’t just any common girl.

An Xiaxia’s principle in life had always been to live in harmony with the rest of the world and to take things as they came.

However, when confronted with genuine threats, she had never been scared off!

Her eyes were two little crescent moons and her smile reminded one of the blossoming peach flowers of March, radiant and warm.

Sheng Qingyi realized then that using threats on An Xiaxia was futile!

Because she didn’t care about them at all!

As his face grew darker, An Xiaxia tilted her head and asked, “Uncle, were you so certain that I wouldn’t tell Sheng Yize any of this?”

She waved the phone in her hand. “I’ve recorded everything we’ve said, actually. Since I’m already a bad person to you, I guess I’ll just have to prove to you how bad I can be. Which side do you think Sheng Yize will take if I play him this recording?”

Although she had only seen Sheng Yize interact with Sheng Qingyi once, she had the impression from Sheng Yize’s attitude that father and son weren’t all that close.

It was so cheesy of Sheng Qingyi to force her to leave Sheng Yize like this!

He could have at least thrown one or two million in cash at her like they did in TV dramas! How disappointing!

It was almost an insult to her intelligence!

Sheng Qingyi put down the tea cup in his hands. He hadn’t even taken a sip this whole time.

Face livid, he rose to his feet. Before he left, he directed a meaningful look at An Xiaxia and said, “Little girl, do keep that old saying in mind: cleverness may overreach itself. I wouldn’t tell Sheng Yize about this if I were you!”

An Xiaxia looked back at him innocently. “I wasn’t planning to tell him in the first place.”

Sheng Qingyi was rendered speechless for a moment. It then dawned on him that he had been tricked by the girl!

He flipped his sleeves and stormed off.

An Xiaxia shrugged. He had picked the wrong girl to mess with!

She was going to tell Su Xiaomo about her triumph today, when her phone rang. It was from Papa An.

She picked it up and Papa An’s anxious voice came from the other end. “Xiaxia! Your brother was in a car accident!”

Something exploded in her head. She stood there dazed for a few seconds before she grabbed her bag and coat and then frantically sprinted out of the restaurant.

The hospital.

Outside the operation room, An Xiaxia stared at the red light with red-rimmed eyes.

“He was going to pick you up from Sheng Yize’s place when the accident happened. Sigh …” She could still hear Papa An’s voice, which made her want to berate herself. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Had it not been for her capricious running away, An Yibei wouldn’t have had to go get her in the first place…

Brother, I’m sorry…

Brother, you will get through this…