Chapter 35: Impressive Acting

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The An family.

When they reached the entrance of the house, An Xiaxia also took out a disposable mask and put it on. She even hid her injured hand in her sleeve before going in, pretending that nothing had happened.

“Daddy, I’m back! I’m going upstairs!” An Xiaxia said with a smile, then ran upstairs swiftly.

Papa An smiled resignedly and said, “Xiaxia, be careful.”

An Xiaxia turned a deaf ear to that and quickly went upstairs.

Sheng Yize sneered and greeted Papa An, then he went upstairs as well.

He stayed a short while on the third floor, but he kept feeling distracted. During that time, Chi Yuanfeng came to his room to discuss something, but was driven away by Sheng Yize’s cold attitude.

Sheng Yize thought of An Xiaxia’s wound and his brows knitted. After pondering it for a while, he couldn’t help but go down to the second floor.

He knew where An Xiaxia’s room was. When he reached the door and was going to knock on it, he paused at the sounds coming out of the room.

“Brother, remember to bring me a gift when you come back! Promise me you won’t forget that!

“Why are you asking me how I’m doing… haha, of course I’m doing well. Everything at the new school is fine, my classmates are all nice, and everything is just great.” At those words, the teenage girl’s sweet voice paused a little before she switched to a soft nasal voice.

Sheng Yize’s expression was indifferent, but a faint pain was rising from somewhere deep down in his heart.

“Is she crying?” Sheng Yize thought.

“I’m fine, really. I’m not lying to you and I’m not crying either… I just miss you. So come back as soon as you can… Anyway, bye, I’ve got to do my homework now.” An Xiaxia hung up the phone and sniffled. She then picked up the cotton swab and went back to taking care of her wound.

When the medicinal alcohol touched the wound, she cried out in pain. Suddenly, the door burst open and she looked back in astonishment. When she realized that it was Sheng Yize, she even dropped the cotton swab in her hand.

“Why did you break into my room?!” An Xiaxia blushed a little.

Sheng Yize felt rather awkward. He rubbed his nose and he frowned when his eyes fell on her wound. “Why don’t you ask Uncle An to take a look at your wound?”

“I don’t want him to get worried. Besides, this isn’t really a big deal…” An Xiaxia mumbled to herself, then smiled sweetly at Sheng Yize. “I haven’t thanked you yet. Thank you for believing that I didn’t use the knife to hurt them… Although, why did you come to my room?”

Was he up to something?!

An Xiaxia covered her chest nervously.

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched a bit. This girl was… what kind of person did she think he was?

He went up to her and picked up another cotton swab, then started to take care of the horrible wound on An Xiaxia’s hand.

“You really have impressive acting skills and you’re a good liar,” Sheng Yize said slowly.

An Xiaxia widened her eyes and said, “That wasn’t a lie! It was a white lie, okay? Hmm… you look pretty experienced at tying bandages. Do you do this frequently?”

“Before we had an agent, we often took care of each other if we got hurt during practice. The more we got hurt, the more experienced we became,” Sheng Yize explained to An Xiaxia in a careless tone.

I see, Starry Night also had some miserable times…

“Are you really the heir to the Sheng family? Why are you in the entertainment industry and doing all this hard work?” An Xiaxia asked curiously.

Sheng Yize raised his eyebrow and replied, “What? Do you wish I was him?”

An Xiaxia smiled embarrassingly and said, “No… I just find it very unimaginable.”

However, come to think about it, everything did piece together nicely.

If he wasn’t the young master of the Sheng family, how could he have such good looks and temperament…

If he wasn’t the young master of the Sheng family, how could there be no information on his family after his debut three years ago…