Chapter 351: If I Have to Choose, It Has to Be Her (8)

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An Xiaxia cleared her throat. To ease the embarrassment, she asked politely, “Is it serious?”

Song Qingchen looked up and gave her a perfect smile. “It’s nothing… It’s just a regular checkup. It goes way back to when I fell into the water… Xiaxia, you wouldn’t understand.”

That smile looked so fragile.

Sheng Yize’s frown grew deeper. “Songsong, why didn’t you tell me about your illness?”

With the breeze, the warm sunshine, and the two people standing there facing each other, they made a picture as pretty as a scene from some Korean drama.

An Xiaxia stood on the side and the smile on her face grew bitter.

She was the real girlfriend here, but somehow, she felt like the third wheel.

Was this how it was supposed to feel? Six months versus twelve years?

“I didn’t want Brother Ah Ze to worry about me.” Song Qingchen chuckled. She then stood on her toes and waved at someone a short distance away. “Daddy, I’m here!”

An Xiaxia felt her legs give out at the way she addressed her father. The theme song of a variety show rang in her head.

“Daddy, Daddy, where are we going…”

The cloying tone in which Song Qingchen called “Daddy” made An Xiaxia’s skin crawl.

A short distance away, a handsome middle-aged man in a black suit and shiny leather shoes walked toward them with a smile.

“Songsong, why did you run off again…” He had a mild voice and pronunciation as perfect as a news broadcaster’s.

Sheng Yize nodded at him in greeting. “Hello, Uncle Song.”

Father Song turned around and smiled at Sheng Yize. The thin lines around his eyes only added to his charm as a mature man.

“This is Mr. Song, a renowned figure in the business circle of Yu City… The Song family has business in finance, real estate, the network industry, and logistics… Their most famous company is Diguang Bank…” Sheng Yize lowered his voice and briefly introduced the man to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia greeted the man as well. “Hello, Uncle.”

She raised her head and looked curiously at the business tycoon. However, the man was looking back at her as well.

It was just that the look in his eyes was filled with astonishment and delight…

He stared at An Xiaxia and didn’t speak for some time. His eyes even began to glisten…

An Xiaxia was at a loss. What was happening? Did Mr. Song find her so ugly that he was scared to tears?

“Daddy, what are you doing?” Song Qingchen held his arm and complained in her saccharine voice.

Mr. Song was an experienced man after all. He took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down.

“Yize, is this young lady… your girlfriend?” Mr. Song asked politely, his manner reminding one of an English gentleman from the old movies.

Sheng Yize held nothing back and nodded. “Yes. This is Xiaxia. Xiaxia, this is Uncle Song, Qingchen’s father.”

An Xiaxia smiled at him, which dazed Mr. Song.

Now even Sheng Yize realized something was off. He frowned a little.

An Xiaxia was mocking the situation inwardly. OMG! This Mr. Song wasn’t a pervert, was he? She didn’t believe she had that charming a face, but why did he keep staring at her?! This was so awkward!

“I’m sorry… It’s only that Xiaxia looks like an old friend of mine…” Mr. Song realized his gaffe and explained politely. “Yize, you’re a very lucky man to find such a wonderful girlfriend.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

Song Qingchen wasn’t happy to hear that and complained, “Daddy… you promised that Brother Ah Ze and I would get engaged…”