Chapter 353: He’s Getting Engaged Tonight (2)

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An Xiaxia pouted. “Did I have a choice?!”

Her eyes were already red from crying over An Yibei and she had managed to force out some more tears by pinching herself hard. She had never expected it to work so well!

Hmph! Song Qingchen wasn’t the only one who knew how to play innocent, alright?!

“Are you jealous?” Sheng Yize was delighted. He had to admit that he genuinely enjoyed seeing the little woman get jealous over him.

Especially the way she fought for the two of them, he simply couldn’t get enough of it.

“Jealous? Over you? You have so many admirers, I’d exhaust myself to death if I got jealous of every single one of them!” An Xiaxia pouted like a tsundere. “I’m going home now! Bye!”

Vexed, she turned to leave. However, she cried out the next moment as a pair of hands pulled her into the teenager’s warm embrace.

“I’ll miss you,” he whispered in a low, mesmerizing voice in her ear.

A blush suffused An Xiaxia’s cheeks as she said stubbornly, “Miss all you want! I won’t miss you!”

“Are you sure?” Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes threateningly, then blew on her ear. He then took her earlobe between his lips and nibbled on it.

An Xiaxia’s face turned redder and her little ears burned. Sheng Yize chuckled quietly. “You say no but your body says yes!”

An Xiaxia pushed him away and ran away shyly with her hands over her face.

Sheng Yize smiled as he watched An Xiaxia run away. His eyebrows then knitted together.

Song Qingchen had shown up in the same hospital as soon as An Yibei had had an accident. The coincidence… was suspicious.

An Yibei was kept under observation for two days in the hospital before he went back home.

Since it was the end of the year, he simply took his annual leave and recuperated at home.

The coffee shop was very busy that afternoon and Papa An had his hands full. He called An Xiaxia downstairs to help him out.

Qi Yanxi was the only waiter on the first floor. At first, An Xiaxia thought the willful young master wouldn’t be able to cope with the job. However, he had actually practiced patiently for a couple of days and by now, he had become a decent waiter, performing duties from serving customers to cleaning up.

“One latte and one caramel macchiato, please…” An Yibei, who was at the cash register now, took the orders of the two young men who had just walked in.

An Yibei took the money, printed out the receipt, and handed it to An Xiaxia. Papa An went to make the latte, while An Xiaxia prepared the caramel macchiato.

She ground the coffee beans and made an espresso with the coffee machine. After swiftly foaming some milk, she began to make the latte art.

She drew the simplest pattern, which was a heart. After adding the caramel syrup, the drink looked so pretty.

Papa An had finished making the latte as well and beckoned at Qi Yanxi to serve them.

Qi Yanxi wouldn’t do it. He even glared at An Xiaxia. “Hey, how can you draw a heart?”

An Xiaxia said with embarrassment, “Because that’s the easiest one…”

“That won’t do! The customer is a man and you can’t draw a latte heart for men! Make another one!” Qi Yanxi pushed the cup back impatiently.

An Xiaxia thought she was going to have a stroke. However, Qi Yanxi wouldn’t budge and she ended up making a new cup at lightning speed.

When Qi Yanxi had finally served all the customers, he went back to the bar and took that cup of coffee. He said in a cocky tone, “Since we can’t sell this one… I’ll take care of it for you. I’ll take the heart as your affection for me~”

He only gloated for two seconds when a big hand reached out from behind him and snatched the cup out of his hand!

“Qi Yanxi, did you forget to take your medicine again?”

“Shit! You bastard! That’s my coffee!”