Chapter 354: He’s Getting Engaged Tonight (3)

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Qi Yanxi roared, while Sheng Yize, who had shown up out of the blue, took an unhurriedly sip. “Hm, not bad.”

After that, he even said calmly to Qi Yanxi, “I’ve drunk from the cup. Drink it and you’re indirectly kissing me.”

Qi Yanxi was exasperated and yelled, “I don’t mind!”

Little Dummy Xia had made that coffee herself and it had had such a lovely heart on it! The bastard had taken it away before he could taste it.

That dog!

“You don’t mind? But I do.” Sheng Yize shrugged. “I’m not into guys.”

An Xiaxia watched as Qi Yanxi practically bristled.

“Go to hell!” He gave Sheng Yize the finger. Despite the disdainful look he gave Sheng Yize, there was nothing he could do.

Pfft —

An Xiaxia couldn’t help but break into laughter, finding the bickering duo rather adorable.

“I’ll make a new one for you, then…”



As soon as An Xiaxia made that suggestion, she received two contradictory replies.

Qi Yanxi was so frustrated that he felt like scratching the wall with his nails. Just then, Papa An came over with a cup of milk tea. “Don’t get upset. Have this one. Drinking too much coffee will affect your sleep.”

Qi Yanxi was taken aback, then took the cup, overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. He then went to the side and drank the milk tea obediently.

An Xiaxia found this amazing. Somehow, despite his irritable nature, Qi Yanxi would always follow her dad’s orders.

In front of Papa An, this violent fiend transformed into an adorable cherub. An Xiaxia could barely believe that he was the same person!

“Hm… Sheng Yize, why are you here?” An Xiaxia asked.

The fellow sipped the coffee in satisfaction and replied lazily, “I’m here for the part-time job.”

What? An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

Papa An explained to her, “We’ve been so busy lately, so when Yize said he wanted to work here part time, I said yes…”

“It’s not that, dad! He’s a celebrity. How can he work here part time?!” An Xiaxia was vexed.

“Why not?” Sheng Yize smiled confidently. He then picked up a tray and brought a coffee to a customer.

It just so happened that the customer was a young woman, who recognized Sheng Yize and cried out in excitement, “Are you Sheng Yize? Aaah!”

Sheng Yize had a crooked smile on his face and he looked like a completely different person. He winked at the young woman. “Of course it’s me.”

His frivolous manner made An Xiaxia’s heart race. However, the customer smiled and looked disappointed. “Oh, I see. It’s just that you really look like him.”

Sheng Yize nodded and returned to the bar with the tray. He then smiled gently at An Xiaxia. “See?”

An Xiaxia saw the light suddenly. After all, to the public, Sheng Yize had always been this aloof and unapproachable character, who was scant with words. Flashing that smile and quickly admitting to being Sheng Yize, no one would believe him!

Her idol was indeed an excellent actor! Awesome! Thumbs up!

Hence, Sheng Yize also became a waiter at the An family’s cafe.

With two cute guys here, business during the winter vacation boomed. Women of all ages were attracted by the cafe’s reputation, which made An Xiaxia sigh in amazement.

This world was all about good looks.

One day, An Xiaxia shuffled out of her room, droopy-eyed, when someone tugged at the rabbit ears on her hood. “Wow, Little Dummy Xia, it should be illegal to look this cute!”

An Xiaxia smacked his hand away in vexation. “Qi Yanxi, what are you doing upstairs?”