Chapter 355: He’s Getting Engaged Tonight (4)

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Qi Yanxi said, “I only just got here — so did that imbecile Sheng Yize. Something came up at the last minute and Uncle was called away. The shop is closed for the day, so I thought I could look around up here.”

Involuntarily, he reached out and tugged at An Xiaxia’s rabbit ears again.

Damn it. How could this little woman be this adorable?!

So much so that he wanted to eat her up as a dessert…

An Xiaxia seemed to sense his intense gaze and smacked his paws away again.

Sheng Yize came up at that moment, bearing some tonic as a gift for An Yibei.

Seeing Sheng Yize come up, Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes. “Why, if it isn’t Imbecile Sheng.”

“Who’s the imbecile abusing now?” Sheng Yize retorted casually.

“The imbecile is abusing you!” Qi Yanxi roared, feeling very confident. He realized almost immediately what he had just said.

Shit! He had fallen for such an obvious trap!

Pfft —

An Xiaxia guffawed. “Qi Yanxi, you’re an idiot!”

Sheng Yize shook his head and sighed. “I know you’re mentally challenged, but you didn’t have to admit it out loud. Xiaxia, let’s be nicer to him from now on. It’s our undeniable duty to take care of the less intelligent adolescents.”

Fuming, Qi Yanxi slumped down on the sofa in the living room and ordered in a condescending tone, “Hey, Little Dummy Xia, get me a glass of water.”

Before An Xiaxia could say anything, a cold and bitter voice rang out. “Heh… Giving orders now, are we?”

Qi Yanxi bounced off the sofa. That man with a sister complex was the last person he wanted to mess with in this world!

“Brother An, please have a seat!” Qi Yanxi said very politely.

An Yibei darted a scornful look at him, then shifted his gaze to An Xiaxia. Only then did his face soften.

“Since we’re all sitting around, let’s play some games.”

The other three didn’t object and they lined up all the laptops in the house, then logged onto “Wind and Cloud.”

They picked a dungeon. An Xiaxia was the healer, while the other three were all DPS. All four were expert players and they soon completed the task.

They played until it was almost time for lunch.

An Xiaxia volunteered. “I’ll cook today!”

An Yibei gave her a suspicious look. However, since he was still an invalid, he didn’t argue.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi were of one mind on this, which was very rare. They both wanted to try An Xiaxia’s cooking.

An Xiaxia marched confidently into the kitchen, while the other three began to watch a game on the TV in the living room.

Bang, bang, bang —

Qi Yanxi asked, “… What’s that noise?”

Sheng Yize thought, “I have a bad feeling about this…”

An Yibei replied, “Take it easy. Have some faith in Xiaxia… Bravo!”

The three of them forced themselves to shift their focus back to the game. However, as the loud clattering sounds continued in the kitchen, a question began to nag at them…

Was Xiaxia cooking or tearing the kitchen apart…

By the time they finished watching the game in great trepidation, An Xiaxia also had lunch ready. She brought four dishes and a soup to the table.

The three men gathered around.




Dead silence…

The food looked… horrendous.

Were they going to survive this meal?

“Qi Yanxi, here, have some more.”

“Exactly. Go ahead.”

The two scheming men pushed Qi Yanxi into the trap together.

Qi Yanxi felt like kicking over the table. “You two are making me the lab rat!”

Sheng Yize and An Yibei shot him a look in unison, which said, “Shut up. You know what we mean.”

“Hey! Show some respect for my hard work! You’re all going to eat it!” An Xiaxia commanded as she stood there with her hands on her hips.