Chapter 356: He’s Getting Engaged Tonight (5)

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The three gazed at each other in despair before finally picking up their chopsticks and forcing themselves to eat.

An Xiaxia blinked and looked at them expectantly. “How is it? Is it good? It took me such a long time to make!”

Looking at the sparkling light in her eyes, the three forced the food down their throats with much difficulty.

“It’s… good…” Qi Yanxi said reluctantly.

“Hm… not bad…” Sheng Yize kept his poise and praised An Xiaxia against his will.

“I’m not choosing between ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ I’d rather die than eat this.” An Yibei put a hand to his forehead and looked almost in pain. “Let’s order some takeout. And, Xiaxia, promise me never to cook ever again!”

An Xiaxia wasn’t happy about the comment. “Is it that bad? I thought it looked fine…” She put something into her mouth and the next second, she rushed into the bathroom and spat it out.

Holy crap. Could someone please tell her how could it taste so terrible?!

Returning to the table with a greenish face, she said weakly, “Let’s get some takeout…”

An Yibei found the delivery menu and tossed it at Sheng Yize, who read the number while Qi Yanxi dialed it. The three worked in harmony.

The delivery soon arrived.

After An Xiaxia’s diabolical cuisine, Qi Yanxi sighed with admiration at the normal food. “This pizza is so good…”

“It’s scrumptious!”

“I’m alive!”

An Xiaxia was disheartened. “Hey, that’s enough! I never thought I could be that bad at cooking…”

Sheng Yize mocked her. “That’s a lot of anger coming out of that flat chest.”

An Xiaxia was infuriated. “So what if I don’t have big boobs?! Since when is it your business?!”

“It’s not. Be proud of yourself. You’ve saved the country a lot of materials.” Qi Yanxi rubbed her head.

“The Amazons will be proud of you!” Sheng Yize brushed Qi Yanxi’s hand away and began to stroke An Xiaxia’s hair himself.

Heartbroken, An Xiaxia turned her tearful gaze toward An Yibei.

An Yibei smiled at her. “Xiaxia, don’t mind them. When you feel like crying, put your hand over your chest and remind yourself, ‘boys don’t shed tears.’”

Pffftt —

An Xiaxia swore she was going to have a stroke.

“You three just can’t let a day pass without humiliating me, can you?!” She erupted in fury, and the three replied in unison, “Yes.”

An Xiaxia was speechless. There was no love left in this world.

After lunch, Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi took the initiative to take out the garbage.

Sheng Yize then sat down next to An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, I have a banquet to go to tonight. Do you want to come with me?”

“Hm… I don’t think so. I’d be so out of place there… I’d rather stay at home and watch cartoons.”

Sheng Yize didn’t press her, and only smiled mildly.

Sheng Yize drove off at six o’clock, while Qi Yanxi ate dinner with the An family. His phone kept vibrating, but he wouldn’t answer it.

The noise was giving An Xiaxia a headache. “Just pick it up!”

Qi Yanxi pursed his lips and glanced at the caller ID. It was from Li Fanxing.

He really didn’t want to speak to her.

He pressed the button reluctantly and Li Fanxing’s sweet voice came from the other end. “Hello, Yanxi…”

“What? Cut the crap!” Qi Yanxi interrupted her impatiently.

Li Fanxing didn’t mind his tone at all and went on with a smile. “Are you going to Sheng Yize’s engagement party tonight?”

Qi Yanxi almost called her an idiot when he realized something was wrong.

“What’s going on?”

“He’s getting engaged tonight. Don’t you know that? All the major families have been informed.” Li Fanxing feigned a surprised tone.

The color of Qi Yanxi’s face changed and the look he gave An Xiaxia was indecipherable.