Chapter 358: He’s Getting Engaged Tonight (7)

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Sheng Yize had her unconditional trust.

“You’re so dumb!” Qi Yanxi said sarcastically, but he was in fact envious.

He suddenly realized why he disliked Sheng Yize so much.

He not only disliked him, he was also jealous of him.

He was jealous that Sheng Yize could have such a wonderful girlfriend like An Xiaxia.

An uproar rang out in the reception hall behind them, which made An Xiaxia and Qi Yanxi turn around.

In the reception hall.

The moment Song Qingchen leaned over to kiss him, Sheng Yize turned a little, so that the kiss that was meant for his lips only brushed his cheek.

He then caught sight of An Xiaxia in utter surprise.

He watched as An Xiaxia trotted out and his stomach lurched.

She must have misunderstood!

He had never expected to come to his own engagement party!

“Songsong, what’s going on?” He sounded displeased.

Song Qingchen said in a pitiful voice, “I have no idea… Uncle Sheng asked me to come here… Brother Ah Ze, did they trick us?”

A cunning look flickered in her eyes.

From where An Xiaxia stood, she must have seen her kiss Sheng Yize.

Moreover, this engagement party had been organized by Sheng Qingyi. Sheng Yize should at least show his own father some respect, shouldn’t he? That way, the two of them would get engaged and she could then ask An Xiaxia to break up with Sheng Yize…

While she was planning all this in her head, the handsome teenager began to sneer.

The smile made her feel uneasy.

Song Qingchen felt something was wrong and clutched her dress.

“Yize, what are you doing standing there? Put the ring on Songsong!” Sheng Qingyi gestured and someone brought out the ring.

The brilliant diamond was cut in the most exquisite style. A lot of women sighed with amazement.

“I’m not going through with this engagement,” Sheng Yize said unhurriedly. He stood ramrod straight and showed no fear.

The color of Sheng Qingyi’s face changed and he lowered his voice. “So many people are watching! Do the right thing! And, Songsong is in poor health. You’ll break her heart!”

Sheng Yize turned around and his smile was dazzling.

Song Qingchen indulged herself in that smile, finding his black pupils more brilliant than stars.

“Songsong, do you want to marry someone you don’t like and give up your happiness like that? Have you been tricked into coming here, too?”

Song Qingchen almost wanted to say, “I do, as long as it’s with you.”

However… doing that would probably enrage Sheng Yize further.

She lowered her head and chose not to speak.

“Sheng Yize!” Sheng Qingyi bellowed. “It’s not your decision to make!”

“Since when do you get to decide anything for me?” Sheng Yize’s voice grew colder. “You made this mess, you deal with it. Get engaged yourself!”

The room of people erupted.

“What’s going on…”

“I don’t think there will be an engagement today!”

“Tsk, tsk, what a waste of our time…”


After that, Sheng Yize strode off unhurriedly. Behind him, Sheng Qingyi clutched his chest.

Song Qingchen didn’t look reconciled, either.

Sheng Yize walked out of the reception hall and spotted An Xiaxia right away.

He went up to her and instead of giving an explanation, he only said quietly, “Xiaxia, let’s go home.”

An Xiaxia was dazed for two seconds before giving him a nod.

Going home, that was such a heartwarming phrase.

However, she could taste the bitterness in her mouth.

Qi Yanxi punched Sheng Yize in the face and said ferociously, “Do that to Xiaxia again and I’m taking her away from you!”