Chapter 36: Expelled! (1)

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An Xiaxia was lost in thought. Sheng Yize noticed that she was ignoring him and pushed a bit harder on her hand, which immediately made An Xiaxia cry out.

“It hurts! Be gentle, okay?”

“You weakling,” Sheng Yize scorned with contempt, but his actions indeed turned gentler.

After taking care of the wound, An Xiaxia thanked him and looked at Sheng Yize innocently.

They looked at each other for three seconds and he finally realized that he was supposed to leave.

He gave a cough and stood up. He then said in a condescending tone, “Don’t forget your position. Work hard, or… the contract will be declared invalid.”

The small bit of good impression which An Xiaxia had of him was reset to zero all at once.

“Got it, Boss Yize.” An Xiaxia curled her lips. Sheng Yize shot a glance at her, strode out, and went upstairs.

Once he returned to his own room, he felt inexplicably restless.

It was so quiet… how could it compare to when the noisy girl was around him?


An Xiaxia arrived at school to see Su Xiaomo rush over to her side with a murderous look. “Who was it? Who cornered you on Friday? She’s dead!”

Last night when An Xiaxia chatted with Su Xiaomo, she had told her everything.

An Xiaxia gave a hollow laugh and said, “Forget it. It’s all in the past. Just make peace and avoid trouble.”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes and said, “You are… never mind. I’m always on call whenever you want to vent your anger. Anyway, Sheng Yize did indeed find you that day…”

“What?” An Xiaxia asked, looking confused.

Su Xiaomo explained to her unhurriedly, “Sheng Yize came back to school for you that afternoon. Seemed like he was worried about you being seriously ill. It just so happened that he came across the girl who called you away. He said a few words to her in a low voice and ran away… I thought he’d gone off on some other business. I never thought that he had gone to save you!”

An Xiaxia was astonished and speechless. She hadn’t known that Sheng Yize showing up hadn’t been a coincidence, but had been deliberate.

“Hey… Xiaxia, does he have a thing for you?” Su Xiaomo lowered her voice mysteriously.

“How is that possible…” Unless Sheng Yize had gone mad, why would he like her?

An Xiaxia pushed Su Xiaomo, who was ready for some gossip, away. She then sat back down in her seat, took out a book, and reviewed the lesson beforehand.

During the morning reading period, the dean of the school rushed over in an aggressive manner. He knocked hard on the door of Year 1, Class C and asked in a stern voice, “Who is An Xiaxia? Come out here!”

Everyone in the class looked at An Xiaxia in unison.

An Xiaxia walked out in confusion and the dean said gravely, “Follow me.”

An Xiaxia had always been afraid of teachers since she was little and she followed him sheepishly.

The principal’s office.

An Xiaxia looked around at the exquisite and luxurious decor in the room and was silently amazed by how wealthy Qixia was — even the principal’s office was this extravagant.

A loud female voice rang out, reminding her of a shrew. “Sir, I’m telling you, this cannot be! If there’s anything wrong with my daughter, both the laboratory buildings that I donated to the school will be torn down!”

“Madam Jian, don’t worry. I’ll dismiss the student who violated school regulations.” The principal’s obsequious voice sounded so jarring.

Hardly had his voice faded away when the door of the principal’s room was pushed open. The shrewish-looking principal walked in with a lavishly dressed lady.

As soon as the woman’s eyes landed on An Xiaxia, she rushed toward her, giving her no time to react. She then cried bitterly and said, “It was you! You hurt my daughter! I’m telling you, I swear I’ll never stop until you’re expelled!”