Chapter 360: I Think We Should Break Up (2)

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An Xiaxia was deprived of all words by that kiss. She moaned a little and Sheng Yize only let go of her when she was out of breath.

She gasped for air like a fish out of water. Seeing her swollen pink lips, the color of Sheng Yize’s pupils darkened and he smiled with satisfaction.

He started the car and took them away from the Sheng family home.

“Where are you taking me?” An Xiaxia saw that the GPS wasn’t directing them to her own home.

Sheng Yize pursed his lips and feigned a mysterious tone. “We’ll go get a room in a hotel, where we can share a bed and talk about our future.”

As expected, An Xiaxia’s eyes filled with terror as she gazed at him, dumbfounded.

His heart melted at this. Rubbing her little head with a hand, he said, “I’m just kidding. I’m going to treat you to something delicious.”

“Hmph! You’re not buying your way out of this with some food!” An Xiaxia said decisively.

An hour later, she was wolfing down her dessert and asking Sheng Yize in an ingratiating voice, “Can I have another one?”

Sheng Yize crossed his arms and gave her a crooked smile. “Like it?”

“Yes!” Glutton Xia nodded repeatedly.

“In that case…” Forgive me. Before he could finish the sentence, his phone vibrated.

Taking it out, he saw that it was from Mr. Song.

Sheng Yize frowned in confusion and picked it up.

Mr. Song’s anxious voice came from the other end. “Yize! What on earth happened… Songsong fainted and the doctor said she was greatly agitated. I need you here at the hospital to give me an explanation!”

For as long as Sheng Yize could remember, Mr. Song had always been genteel and polite. He had never so much as raised his voice to other people. Judging from how angry he sounded, Song Qingchen must be seriously ill…

After he hung up, An Xiaxia saw the grave look on his face and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sheng Yize sighed. “Songsong fainted… I need to go have a look…”

An Xiaxia was despondent right away.

She knew Sheng Yize had taken her here to make up with her and she was willing to play along.

Although his engagement with Song Qingchen was nothing but a farce, she couldn’t act as if she felt nothing. It had affected her!

And now… he was leaving her for that girl again…

“She’s in the hospital and it’s only natural that you should visit her,” she said like a well-behaved girlfriend.

That only made Sheng Yize blame himself more. He would rather have An Xiaxia throw a tantrum and scream at him. Seeing An Xiaxia like this almost broke his heart.

“I’ll have my driver take you back. Xiaxia, I’m sorry,” he apologized wholeheartedly, then called the driver. “He’ll be here in ten minutes. Wait here and don’t run off, ok?”

An Xiaxia smiled and waved at him. “Bye. Remember to pay the bill. I’m emptying your wallet!”

Sheng Yize looked at her mildly. “No problem.”

He left in a hurry. An Xiaxia scooped up another spoonful of dessert and put it in her mouth, but instead of sweetness, she could only taste bitterness.

It was painful, bitterly painful.

But she wouldn’t tell him.

She grinned. It was a sad smile.

The driver took her home safely. An Xiaxia took a shower, climbed into bed, and huddled under her duvet.

Her phone beeped with an incoming message. She fumbled around under her pillow and found it.

Tapping the message open, she felt all her blood rush to her head. She was infuriated.

The message contained a single photo, which was a pitiful Song Qingchen holding Sheng Yize by his sleeve while he peeled a fruit for her.

This wasn’t showing off, but a demonstration!