Chapter 361: I Think We Should Break Up (3)

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An Xiaxia suspected that the number wasn’t Song Qingchen’s own. She tried it and a voice told her it was no longer in use.

Moreover, judging from the angle, the photo had obviously been taken by a third person. Even if An Xiaxia took it to Sheng Yize, she couldn’t prove anything.

She was perfectly aware of what Song Qingchen was trying to achieve with this. The woman was flaunting how much Sheng Yize cared for her, to make An Xiaxia suffer.

However, An Xiaxia had to admit: Song Qingchen was getting what she wanted.

She curled up under her duvet and stayed motionless.

The next day.

An Xiaxia climbed out of bed and went straight to her winter vacation homework.

This abnormal behavior made An Yibei suspicious. “Why, you’re awfully diligent today.”

“I had this great awakening. I’m disillusioned with this mortal world. From now on, I’ll study hard, love my country, and devote my life to the people!” An Xiaxia bantered with him with a grin.

An Yibei flicked her forehead and sat down next to her. He then looked at her with searching eyes. “You had a fight with that bastard Sheng Yize, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t… hohoho…” An Xiaxia gave a hollow laugh and sped up her calculation.

“Dummy, you got it wrong! You should substitute that number into the function…” An Yibei tapped on the desk, exasperated by her ineptitude. It took An Xiaxia quite some time to realize what he was saying. She then absentmindedly crossed out her previous calculation with a black pen, then restarted it.

Seeing her reaction, An Yibei didn’t need to ask further.

The only person that was capable of making the carefree An Xiaxia this way was Sheng Yize.

He caressed An Xiaxia’s little head and said in a rare gentle voice, “Xiaxia… You can talk to me if someone has hurt you. I’ll handle that bastard for you!”

That melted An Xiaxia’s heart. She rubbed her head against his palm, touched by his words. “Brother, thank you…”

“Hm… I need to ask: have you washed your hair recently?” An Yibei muttered.

“Does it matter?!” An Xiaxia roared.

An Yibei chuckled and said nothing. Despite his disdainful tone, he went on stroking her hair.

A while later, he went downstairs to get some coffee and ran into Sheng Yize, who was coming upstairs.

An Yibei blocked his way in an overbearing manner.

“There is no such thing as ‘relating to other people’s experiences.’ You have no idea how much pain she’s in. Don’t think for a second that my little sister is someone you can push around at will. If you can’t promise her a happy future, let her go!” he scolded Sheng Yize with a stern look on his face.

Sheng Yize was silent for a brief moment. He then nodded and went upstairs.

He stopped outside An Xiaxia’s room. The door was open and he watched as she did her homework at her desk.

Sheng Yize just stood there without making a sound. He gazed at her in silence.

She had so many little bad habits. After every few questions, she would stop to play with her phone, check her social media accounts, spin the pen between her fingers, or doodle…

However, he could never get enough of her like that. She was all he could think of.

He knocked and An Xiaxia looked his way. Seeing that it was him, the corners of her mouth turned up and she gave him a smile.

Sheng Yize could tell that she had to force herself to smile.

He sighed inwardly and walked to her side. He then glanced at her exercise book and praised her. “You got them all right.”

“I’m awesome, aren’t I?” An Xiaxia swaggered. She then stretched. “I’m going downstairs to get some cake and milk tea, as a reward for myself!”

She hopped down the stairs and Sheng Yize followed her.

A voice rang out downstairs, which made An Xiaxia’s stomach turn —

“Brother Ah Ze, I’m here to visit you!” Song Qingchen ignored An Xiaxia and greeted Sheng Yize in her cloying voice.