Chapter 362: I Think We Should Break Up (4)

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An Xiaxia was on guard right away. Song Qingchen was definitely not here to make peace!

Song Qingchen trotted toward them and tried to hold Sheng Yize’s arm again. Intimidated by Sheng Yize’s cold gaze, she drew back her hands timidly, looking utterly helpless.

Papa An asked in surprise. “Xiaxia, who’s this…”

The girl seemed awfully intimate with Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia was conflicted. She couldn’t exactly tell Papa An that this woman was her love rival, could she?

“Uncle, this is Miss Song, the daughter of an old family friend.” Sheng Yize introduced Song Qingchen politely, at which she gritted her teeth.

It was an impeccable answer, which made her an outsider.

“I see…” Papa An nodded, dried his hands, and was ready to close shop for the day.

Song Qingchen passed An Xiaxia a box and said with a smile, “Xiaxia, here’s a gift for you~”

This woman was up to something! She could smell it in the air!

An Xiaxia scoffed in her head. However, she didn’t want to fall out with Song Qingchen in front of her family, so she took the box with a smile. “Thank you.”

Papa An only thought Song Qingchen was a friend, and seeing that it was almost time for dinner, he asked out of politeness, “Miss Song, how about having dinner here tonight?”

Any normal people would decline the offer politely, but Song Qingchen agreed without hesitation. “Sure.”

The reply came so fast that it took Papa An by surprise.

“Hoho, great. I’ll be right back.” He smiled at her and went to make dinner.

At the dinner table, Song Qingchen sat down directly on Sheng Yize’s right. An Xiaxia ground her teeth and sat down on the left.

When everyone began to eat, she drew attention to herself. “Brother Ah Ze, thank you for taking care of me yesterday… You even peeled an apple for me… I don’t know what I would do without you…”

An Xiaxia’s face darkened.

Peeling an apple… Wasn’t it that photo she received yesterday?

This woman couldn’t let a day go by without annoying her, could she?

Sheng Yize frowned. He had never expected Song Qingchen to become this person.

He really didn’t like her this way.

A sweet voice suddenly rang out beside him. An Xiaxia moved closer and said, “Sheng Yize, I want some soup~”

Papa An had made some glutinous rice pudding with hot rice wine, which gave off a pleasant sweet aroma.

Sheng Yize filled a bowl without hesitation and put it in front of An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia darted a look at Song Qingchen, then smiled cunningly.

You’re not the only one who knows how to show off~

“My hands hurt. Could you feed me…” An Xiaxia buttered up to Sheng Yize with a saccharine voice, which shocked Papa An and An Yibei.

Both men eyed An Xiaxia in astonishment.

Sheng Yize smiled and said good-naturedly, “Sure.”

He scooped up a spoonful of the rice pudding and blew on it until it was cool enough before putting it into An Xiaxia’s mouth.

Song Qingchen clutched her chopsticks tightly.

An Xiaxia’s mouth was stuffed full and she gave Song Qingchen a provoking look with puffed cheeks.

“Sheng Yize, get me some meat. It’s too far!

“Sheng Yize, I want some yogurt. Put the straw in for me!

“Sheng Yize, do I have food on my face? Wipe it clean for me, please~”

An Xiaxia acted as if she was an invalid and asked Sheng Yize to do everything for her.

Sheng Yize had always doted on her and found it the most natural thing to do. He did everything as ordered.

Song Qingchen didn’t speak again. Instead, she watched the affectionate interaction between the couple with a resentful look on her face. Papa An said kindly, “Miss Song, help yourself…”

Song Qingchen smacked her chopsticks down loudly on the table, which made Papa An’s face darken.

I was only being nice. What was that all about?