Chapter 363: Say You Will and I’m Yours (1)

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Song Qingchen realized she was being inappropriate and smiled awkwardly. “Sorry, Uncle, my hands tremble sometimes.”

An Xiaxia chimed in right away. “You know, you really should get that checked by a doctor!”

Song Qingchen was speechless.

An Xiaxia feigned a casual tone and asked, “Songsong, weren’t you very sick yesterday? I see you’re already hopping around today. You must have an amazing doctor. Can I have their name?”

Song Qingchen’s face turned pale at those words.

Her illness yesterday had only been a show she had put on for Father Song.

She had taken a pill that would irritate her heart and pretended to pass out. She then told Mr. Song in tears that the engagement party wasn’t her idea. Sheng Qingyi had tricked her.

And Sheng Yize had let her down. She was heartbroken.

Infuriated, Mr. Song had called Sheng Yize and ordered him to take care of Song Qingchen.

She then nagged until Sheng Yize peeled the apple for her. It was then that she had someone take a photo of the scene and send it to An Xiaxia, so as to cause strife between the couple.

She was here to blatantly show off her triumph, but had never expected to be defeated by An Xiaxia’s performance!

Right now, An Xiaxia’s piercing question caused a chill to crawl down her spine.

She had pretended to be so sick yesterday, but she was prancing all over the place here now… She might as well be slapping her own face.

Sheng Yize shifted his indifferent gaze toward her. He was reassessing her.

“Heh… It wasn’t all that serious, really. My daddy overreacted…” Song Qingchen forced a smile.

“Oh~ I see.” An Xiaxia tilted her head and went on. “Songsong, could you stop making Sheng Yize go to you for minor illnesses from now on? I think I might get jealous!”

Song Qingchen felt as if she had swallowed a fly. However, she couldn’t retort in front of Sheng Yize and had to keep playing the gentle and considerate girl. “I’m so sorry. I never thought I would bring you that much trouble. I didn’t want to get Brother Ah Ze, but…”

“It was a lot of trouble.” An Xiaxia nodded earnestly, which almost made Song Qingchen choke.

In such a foul mood, Song Qingchen couldn’t stand the food anymore. She rose to her feet. “I just remembered that I have some errands to run… Excuse me, but I need to go back now.”

“Xiaxia, see Miss Song out,” said Papa An.

“Sure.” An Xiaxia smiled and took Song Qingchen’s hand. “Songsong, this way.”

Song Qingchen smiled back with a rigid face.

Once downstairs, An Xiaxia ditched her hand immediately. Song Qingchen was also no longer that gentle girl. Instead, she said meaningfully, “An Xiaxia, you really are a piece of work! Just look at that show you put on for Sheng Yize…”

“That was nothing compared with what you did! I’d nominate you for an Oscar! Here’s a piece of advice: next time you want to play the weakling, at least powder your face! With those rosy cheeks and that glow on your face, I almost couldn’t believe that you were in the ER last night!”

Her lie exposed, Song Qingchen gritted her teeth in a frenzy of rage. “An Xiaxia, you… you’re so mean…” She sounded pitiful and weak again.

“I what??” There was no warmth in An Xiaxia’s voice now. “I know you’re his childhood sweetheart and did save his life once. I thank you wholeheartedly for that as much as he does, but that doesn’t mean I’ll give away my boyfriend just like that!” An Xiaxia raised her chin and marked her territory.

Tears filled Song Qingchen’s eyes and she ran out of the house.

Before An Xiaxia could turn around, she was in Sheng Yize’s arms. His deep voice then rang out over her head. “Xiaxia, come visit my family.”

“Hm… Are you going to marry me after that?” An Xiaxia said jokingly.

“Say you will and I’m yours!”