Chapter 364: Say You Will and I’m Yours (2)

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He sounded so steadfast that An Xiaxia’s mouth fell open. She didn’t know how to react to that.

“Are you scared? Where’s that tough girl from a minute ago?” Sheng Yize chuckled.

An Xiaxia wrung her hands. “Um… Are you mad at me that I sent your childhood sweetheart away in a huff?”

“I couldn’t be more happy to see you stand up for both of us.” Sheng Yize was genuinely delighted; it was just that when he followed Song Qingchen with his eyes, his face turned grim.

How could that innocent and naive girl from years ago turn into such a person now?

He wasn’t ignorant of Song Qingchen’s scheming, but he had felt that he owed her so much so he shouldn’t expose her. Not only that, he was also doing his best to make it up to her.

But, if that meant An Xiaxia would be threatened… he would keep his silence no more!

An Xiaxia thought that Sheng Yize’s suggestion was just a joke, but he had actually planned it all out. He had even gotten Papa An’s permission.

“My mother passed away when I was little. The only family I have are my father’s parents, my father, and a few cousins… I don’t have that big a family at all. I’ll introduce them to you when you meet them,” Sheng Yize explained patiently, but An Xiaxia was very anxious. “Will they dislike me…”

After all, Sheng Qingyi had talked to her in private already… He had even arranged the engagement party for Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen without consulting his son. It was so obvious that he couldn’t care less about An Xiaxia.

“My grandparents will adore you.” Sheng Yize smiled a little at the thought of the two big goofs back at home. As for Sheng Qingyi, he ignored him right away. This father had always been nonexistent to him.

An Xiaxia asked Su Xiaomo to go shopping with her for gifts. After carefully picking out gifts for the members of the Sheng family, they chatted casually as they strolled in an out of the shops.

Su Xiaomo had created an R18 yaoi online serial comic recently, which had been very well received. She had then been contacted by a publishing company to put it into print and she had been working her ass off editing her work. She had squeezed this shopping trip into her schedule at the risk of being executed by her editor.

After An Xiaxia had told her about the recent events, Su Xiaomo commented, “I see this Song Qingchen is quite a handful. She’s pretty good at playing the pure little white flower. Watch out, girl! She might steal your Brother Ah Ze away~”

She pitched her voice higher and imitated Song Qingchen’s cloying voice, which made An Xiaxia crack up.

An Xiaxia stopped Su Xiaomo when they reached the men’s section. “Sheng Yize’s birthday is coming up. What should I get him?”

“Hm… A shirt? A tie? Tsk, tsk, how about some lovely underwear…” Su Xiaomo smiled suggestively.

An Xiaxia flushed. “You’re such a dog! Quit it!”

Covering her cheeks with her palms, An Xiaxia walked around the section. Her eyes finally caught on a tie.

It was a black tie with a subtle dark blue pattern. The mature and prudent style was quite fitting for Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia’s heart jolted when she read the price tag.

“It’s so expensive…”

Su Xiaomo darted a look and cried out, “Holy shit. Is this tie made of gold or what? Damn… Rich people must live in a different world…”

The shop assistant said amiably, “Our top designer put a lot of thought into this tie, together with the craftwork and carefully chosen materials from…”

The lengthy speech was giving An Xiaxia a headache. She waved him off. “Pack it for me, please.”

Su Xiaomo said, “Rich Xia, do you need a servant back at home?”

“Shut up… I need to mourn for my purse.”

The next day.

Sheng Yize drove the car himself and took An Xiaxia to another house of the Sheng family.

An Xiaxia thought about backing out before they even reached the front gate. She wrinkled up her little face and said, “Sheng Yize, I have a stomachache.”

“You’ll live.”

“… Go to hell!”