Chapter 365: Say You Will and I’m Yours (3)

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“My head is pounding, too.”

“It’ll pass.”

“Gosh, I’m nervous!”

Sheng Yize glanced at her being all jittery and broke into laughter. He then leaned toward An Xiaxia’s little ear and whispered, “I’m actually more nervous than you are.”

This was the first time he had ever brought a girl home.

He kissed An Xiaxia on her mouth and the resentful An Xiaxia bit his lip.

He let out a little groan and said with a straight face, “I’m telling my grandparents that their granddaughter-in-law was abusing me.”

“What granddaughter-in-law… go away…” An Xiaxia buried her face in her hands, feeling painfully shy.

He peeled her hands off her face and took hold of one. He then slowly led her toward the house.

The dazzling sunlight shone down and for a moment, An Xiaxia felt her head go blank.

The world seemed to turn into a black-and-white silent movie. All she could feel was that warm hand holding hers, as if it was leading a lost person through a foggy night.

The fear in her heart seemed to dissipate, for she believed that he would be on the other end, waiting for her.

The two entered the house and An Xiaxia took in the decor. Unlike the extravagant European style she had seen in the other Sheng family home earlier, this old house was decorated in the traditional Chinese style. The garden at the back also had a little bridge and flowing water, which gave off a quaint and exquisite air.

In the living room, an elderly couple wearing traditional Chinese clothes were anxiously waiting for them.

“Old man, do you think our granddaughter-in-law will like me as her grandma?” a sweet old lady asked in a worried tone.

“Stop worrying about that. She’s our grandson’s wife, not ours. As long as she likes him, we old bones don’t matter!” the stern-faced and old-fashioned grandpa scolded her. However, his hand kept rubbing the handle of his walking stick, betraying his own uneasiness.

“Hey, they’re here!” the old lady cried out in delight. Her face lit up when she saw An Xiaxia at the doorway.

She was pretty, had clear eyes, and most importantly, was holding hands with her dear grandson. Grandma Sheng liked An Xiaxia right away!

“Grandpa, Grandma, I’ve brought Xiaxia here to see you.” Sheng Yize smiled and led An Xiaxia to his grandparents.

An Xiaxia had never felt this nervous. Her cheeks were flushed as she greeted them. “Nice to meet you, Grandpa, Grandma…”

The elderly Sheng couple was exhilarated. Grandma Sheng rose to her feet and took An Xiaxia’s hand. “Nice, I’m very nice! Little Xiaxia, have you eaten? Are you hungry? Is the room warm enough? I can turn the heater up…”

An Xiaxia looked at this amiable old granny, finding her hale and hearty and quite young for her age.

She could also tell that the old lady liked her wholeheartedly.

That eased An Xiaxia greatly. She shook her head to her questions. Grandma Sheng then sat her down and engaged her in small talk. Grandpa Sheng kept his poker face on, but kept darting quick glances at An Xiaxia and smiling when no one was looking. He was apparently very satisfied with An Xiaxia as well.

Sheng Yize rubbed his nose and smiled helplessly. “Grandma, Xiaxia just got here and you’ve already forgotten me.”

Grandma Sheng snorted. “You can go. Leave Little Xiaxia here!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

“Little Xiaxia, Yize said you have a sweet tooth. Your grandpa made these traditional desserts himself! I hope you like them!” Grandma Sheng then pushed a few dishes of exquisite desserts toward An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was dazed. Grandpa Sheng had to be in his sixties or seventies. Had he made these just for her?