Chapter 366: Say You Will and I’m Yours (4)

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“Little Xiaxia, don’t just stare at them! Try some!” Grandma Sheng smiled at her, almost wishing she could feed the girl herself.

“Hm…” An Xiaxia picked one up, took a bite, and her bright black eyes sparkled. “It’s so good!”

Grandpa Sheng was a great cook!

“Help yourself.” Grandma Sheng seemed to have turned into a magician, taking out a dozen dishes out of nowhere and devoting herself to helping An Xiaxia with each one of them.

As An Xiaxia happily ate her way through the dishes, Grandpa Sheng couldn’t keep his poker face anymore. His stern look was gone, replaced by a broad smile.

All cooks wanted to see their food get love and An Xiaxia looked very appealing when she ate. Her mouth was stuffed full and her eyes shone, delighting all those around her.

Sheng Yize was also smiling. He was finally relieved now that he saw that his grandparents adored An Xiaxia.

There was a commotion outside the house and a middle-aged man appeared at the door. He darted a cold glare at An Xiaxia as soon as he caught sight of her.

An Xiaxia shivered and turned to look. Seeing that Sheng Qingyi had arrived, she put down the dessert, sat straight up, and played the well-behaved girl.

“Why did you bring her here?” Sheng Qingyi looked at Sheng Yize, disgruntled.

Sheng Yize ignored him.

“Why can’t he?! You brat! What did you mean by that?” Grandma Sheng snapped.

Sheng Qingyi’s face darkened. Despite all his influence in the business circle outside, however, he didn’t dare raise his voice in front of his parents.

“Mum… He’s just a child and he’s already bringing girls back home. Does he have any respect for me at all?” Sheng Qingyi was displeased.

Moreover, he had set his mind on marrying Sheng Yize to Song Qingchen. The engagement party last time had turned into a fiasco and Mr. Song had bore him a grudge after that. A few joint projects had been called off and he was utterly exhausted from the resulting additional work.

Grandpa Sheng banged the floor with his walking stick and said harshly, “What’s wrong with him bringing his girlfriend to see his grandpa?! I can say the same of you. Do you have any respect for me at all?”

Grandpa Sheng’s standing in the family was unchallenged. Sheng Qingyi dared not set him off and could only vent all his anger on An Xiaxia.

At his glare, An Xiaxia dropped a piece of the cake which Grandma Sheng had just stuffed into her hand.

Grandma Sheng was displeased. “You’re scaring my Little Xiaxia. Go back to work if you don’t want to stay here!”

Sheng Qingyi was speechless. What did sons do when their own mothers despised them?

After snapping at her son, Grandma Sheng was that sweet old lady again when she turned to An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, don’t mind him. Here, have some more.”

Sheng Qingyi’s gaze landed on the desserts and his face was livid.

Grandpa Sheng was a great cook, but he seldom cooked himself. Even Sheng Qingyi himself had never tried them!

An Xiaxia was only here for the first time and his father had made all those for her?!

An Xiaxia was bewildered… for Sheng Qingyi’s glare seemed to have become even more intense.

“Since everyone’s here, let’s have dinner together.” No one could say no to Grandpa Sheng’s command. The housekeeper was then told to get dinner ready.

During dinner, Grandpa and Grandma Sheng kept putting food into An Xiaxia’s bowl. Her bowl and plate ended up piled with food.

Grandma Sheng didn’t stop there. She then put all the most delicious dishes right in front of An Xiaxia.

Sheng Qingyi couldn’t take it anymore. “That fish is my favorite…” Can you at least save one for me?!

“How old are you now? Leave the fish for the kid!” Grandpa Sheng scolded him mercilessly.

Sheng Qingyi: … Dad, you do know I’m your only son, don’t you?