Chapter 369: His and Her Past (1)

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“Hoho… We old people need to stretch our legs, we were just taking a walk! Weren’t we, old bones?” Grandma Sheng shot a warning glance at Grandpa Sheng.

Grandpa Sheng was a righteous character and lying wasn’t his specialty. He nodded rigidly.

An Xiaxia looked at them in embarrassment.

“Alright. You two, don’t stay up too late. We’ll walk a little longer!” After that, Grandma Sheng dragged her husband away.

When they reached the stairs, Grandma Sheng said in a sorry tone, “So they really are just lying there and talking. Sigh , how disappointing!”

Grandpa Sheng frowned. “Give them some time. They’re just kids.”

“Kids? We were married at their age!” Grandma Sheng glared at him.

Grandpa Sheng blushed a little at the thought of their vigorous love life when they were young. He cleared this throat, trying to cover his embarrassment. “Kids have their own lives and we shouldn’t meddle. Come, let’s go to bed!”

Sheng Yize locked the door and double checked it, then let out a breath of relief.

It was said that an elderly member was the treasure of a family.

He had two of those, and they were very lively!

Both Grandpa and Grandma Sheng were kind people who loved kids. That was why Sheng Yize had decided to bring An Xiaxia here.

As expected, the elderly couple both adored the lovely and well-behaved Xiaxia. Even if Sheng Qingyi tried to make things difficult for her again in the future, his grandparents would stand up for An Xiaxia.

“Ahem… They’re gone. You can come out now.” Sheng Yize dug An Xiaxia out from under the duvet.

The dummy could have suffocated herself in there.

An Xiaxia thought she was going to die from humiliation. She gave him a punch, but Sheng Yize caught her fist in his hand and smiled at her. “Let’s go back to what we were doing before we were interrupted, shall we? Xiaxia, tell me, which position do you prefer?”

“I prefer nothing!” An Xiaxia was vexed and wanted to hit him again. Since her hands were held firm, she began to kick around. However, she might as well be smashing Sheng Yize with cotton balls.

“You little fool… Girls are no match for guys in strength. You’ll hurt yourself like this.”

An Xiaxia snorted and turned her head away.

Sheng Yize rubbed her head and thought he could teach her a few moves. “Striking with your fists or feet doesn’t inflict that much pain. Plus, you’re not strong enough and your strikes are pretty useless. If you need to defend yourself, use your elbows or knees. They’ll be more effective… Or, if you can catch the person off-guard, poke his eyes or step on his toes if you’re wearing heels.”

He stretched out his hand, gesturing at An Xiaxia to try the moves on him.

An Xiaxia’s big eyes sparkled as she smiled mischievously. “I know self-defence. Momo taught me something!”


An Xiaxia looked this way and that, then wrapped her arms around Sheng Yize’s neck and said in a cloying voice, “Hug me…”

“By offering yourself willingly?” Sheng Yize was already laughing in his head.

However, he had to admit that this was working very well on him…

His little girlfriend was asking for a hug in an adorable voice. How could he say no to that?

However, something came quickly at his groin just then. Luckily, he reacted in time and dodged it.

The culprit’s foot dangled in mid-air as she mumbled, “That was lame… I couldn’t get to him…”

Sheng Yize was speechless. Woman, you can’t just casually kick a man in his groin!

Let alone your boyfriend!

He simply threw the little dummy on the bed, pinned her down, and began to kiss her.

Actions were much more useful than words when dealing with her!

This quiet winter night was very, very long…

“Sheng Yize, I’m sorry…” Xiaxia pleaded timidly.

The scheming guy darted her a look. “You’re apologizing now? Too late!”

He lowered his head and went on kissing her.