Chapter 37: Expelled! (2)

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Shocked, An Xiaxia retreated when the woman grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her. “You’re so young and already so malicious! You even brought a knife to school. Thankfully, it was only a small wound to the arm. If you had damaged Xin’er’s face, I would have you pay with your life!”

She looked like a shrill-voiced housewife from head to toe as she spluttered hysterically. No one would believe that she was actually the wife of the CEO of Jian Enterprise.

An Xiaxia was confused, as though a fog had completely enveloped her mind. Xin’er? As in Jian Xin’er? Since when had she hurt Jian Xin’er?

“What’s wrong with Jian Xin’er?” An Xiaxia asked in confusion.

Her question was a bomb to Mother Jian and instantly ignited her rage. She raised her hand and tried to slap An Xiaxia across her face.

“Madam Jian, please calm down.” Thankfully, the dean still had some conscience and warded it off for An Xiaxia.

Mother Jian snorted and darted a sideways glance at the principal. “Mr Principal, what are you going to do about this?”

The principal coughed, stepped forward, and asked sternly, “Miss An, did you or did you not bring a knife to school yesterday?”

“Sir… it was just a utility knife that I use to sharpen my pencils with…” An Xiaxia tried to explain herself.

“So you did bring it, correct?” The principal kept a grave face on.


“And you had a dispute with Jian Xin’er, which led to you threatening her with this knife, correct?”

“I was only using it for self-defense… It was them who bullied me first!” An Xiaxia was speechless and didn’t understand why she was being interrogated by the principal.

The principal readjusted his glasses and went on relentlessly, “You stabbed Jian Xin’er in the arm with the knife. According to school rules, the acts of possessing a knife, fighting with a fellow student, and hurting your fellow student gives the school the right to expel you! Qixia High does not want, nor will it allow students like you on campus!”

An Xiaxia stared the at the principal in disbelief.

At the opening ceremony, he had seemed like such a kind and loving old man…

Why had he transformed into a terrifying and overbearing person now?

An Xiaxia didn’t even know what she had done wrong and could only repeat over and over again, “I never hurt Jian Xin’er. I want to talk to her face to face!”

“You still won’t admit your wrongs! How can Qixia High accept students like this?” Mother Jian gazed at An Xiaxia with disgust and hatred.

The principal nodded obsequiously. “She’s only a specialized student. Madam Jian, please rest assured that I will handle this properly as soon as possible.”

When he finished speaking, he turned to An Xiaxia with a long face and said, “Fine, since you won’t admit to it, then we’ll ask Miss Jian to come in here.”

The dean went out and quickly brought in Jian Xin’er and another witness, Ding Yiyi.

Jian Xin’er’s arm was wrapped with a white bandage and she arrogantly glanced at An Xiaxia as she exclaimed, “It was her! She hurt me yesterday!”

“That’s right, I can attest to that,” Ding Yiyi added in a low voice.

“An Xiaxia, what more do you have to say for yourself?”

An Xiaxia practically wanted to cry, but she was overwhelmed by an unknown courage and she rushed toward Jian Xin’er to rip off her bandage.

Jian Xin’er screamed at the top of her lungs, but her bandage was still torn off by An Xiaxia, revealing a tiny wound that was nearly healed and almost too small to notice.

An Xiaxia sneered and said in a sad voice, “Whether or not I gave her that wound aside, are you going to expel me for this? Is this really how the school deals with things properly?”

Mother Jian stroked the diamond ring on her hand as she shouted, “Of course! Our Xin’er is the Jian family’s heiress. If anything happens to her, can you afford the consequences?”