Chapter 370: His and Her Past (2)

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The following day, An Xiaxia sprawled on the bed and pressed her palms to her sore waist muscles.

That goddamn scheming man! I curse you!

She went downstairs and found two unwelcome guests.

Li Fanxing and Li Canxing were here.

The Li sisters’ faces turned livid when they saw her.

An Xiaxia was living in the old Sheng family home!

“Yize, Xiaxia, come here.” Grandma Sheng beckoned them over.

Sheng Yize calmly held An Xiaxia by her hand and went over.

“Fanxing and Canxing are studying in Qixia as well? You’re all schoolmates, then.” Grandma Sheng smiled and rubbed An Xiaxia’s little head affectionately.

She liked her granddaughter-in-law more each day.

She was so adorable that she wanted her to marry Sheng Yize today!

An Xiaxia forced a smile. “That’s right. Canxing is in the same class as us.”

They were still talking when footsteps came from outside, accompanied by a familiar careless tone. “Hey, Grandpa Sheng, Grandma Sheng, I’m here to wish you an early Happy Chinese New Year!”

“Yanxi, you’re here…” Grandma Sheng was pleasantly surprised. Qi Yanxi was laughing wholeheartedly, but he froze as soon as he saw his fellow guests in the room.

After exchanging some pleasantries with Grandma Sheng, he went up to An Xiaxia and mocked her in a low voice, “Why, you and your rivals in love can almost start a round of mahjong here.”

An Xiaxia: Shut up!

Li Fanxing smiled at him. “Hello, Yanxi.”

Grandma Sheng didn’t know they had broken up and teased them, “When are you getting engaged? Why, do I see a shy smile there?”

Li Fanxing lowered her head, looking as if she was too shy to speak. However, Qi Yanxi explained in a cold voice, “Grandma Sheng, we’re not together anymore.”

Grandma Sheng knew better than to make a comment. Li Fanxing darted a look at Sheng Yize, then shifted her gaze to Qi Yanxi. She seemed to have made a decision and said in a timid voice, “Yanxi, can we talk?”

Qi Yanxi sneered inside. However, he kept his crooked smile on. “Sure.”

If she wanted to play, he would see it through!

The two then went to the manor at the back. An Xiaxia found it too boring to stay inside, so Sheng Yize took her out to have some fresh air.

Li Canxing kept her impassive face on and followed them in silence.

The old Sheng family home had a spacious garden, which had an open pool in it. The two were strolling around and holding hands when An Xiaxia gave Sheng Yize a nudge. “Do you feel like we’ve become an old couple already? Isn’t taking a walk something only middle-aged couples do?”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Mrs. Sheng, are you that eager to get married?”

Pfft —

“It’s just a metaphor! I’m not saying we’re really a married couple!” An Xiaxia retorted, cheeks flushing.

A faint smile crept onto Sheng Yize’s face and he said casually, “Let’s hold hands like this for the rest of our lives.

“We’ll buy a big house. It doesn’t have to be in a busy area, but preferably somewhere quiet. I like both sons and daughters. Cats scare you, so let’s get a dog. We’ll grow some flowers. Oh, I know how to fish, too. So we should live somewhere near a river. I’ll cook the fish I catch for you.”

His tone was rather bland, but An Xiaxia was greatly moved by that short speech.

It was nothing like those enthusiastic and solemn vows. Despite his indifferent tone, he had made the firmest commitment!

She had always been part of the future he had planned.

She couldn’t help but be moved by this.

There was a crack from a foot stepping on a dry twig.

The atmosphere was ruined right away.

An Xiaxia turned around. Li Canxing was standing a few steps away, staring at them with a gloomy face.