Chapter 371: His and Her Past (3)

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She looked so sullen that her stare made An Xiaxia shudder.

Shit… Don’t tell me she’s been following us this whole time…

That was so creepy…

An Xiaxia was repulsed by Li Fanxing. However, Li Canxing scared An Xiaxia for some unknown reason.

It was only human nature to stay away from danger.

Sheng Yize gave Li Canxing a bone-chilling look, then he shielded An Xiaxia behind him.

Li Canxing cleared her throat, her voice almost eerie. “An Xiaxia, I need to talk to you.”

An Xiaxia frowned in confusion. “What?”

Glancing at Sheng Yize with her cold cat-like eyes, Li Canxing said quietly, “I want to talk to you alone. It’s important.”

An Xiaxia believed she was telling the truth. After some hesitation, she nodded.

Sheng Yize didn’t like it, but he didn’t let it show. He only said to An Xiaxia in a low voice, “I’ll wait under that phoenix tree. Give me a shout if something comes up.”


He strode away after that. Li Canxing smiled sarcastically. “I never thought I would ever see Sheng Yize look that gentle.”

There was a time when Li Fanxing had been head over heels in love with Sheng Yize. She would come back home and talk to Li Canxing about nothing but him.

Teenage girls all had their romantic fantasies. Gradually, she began to like this teenager Li Fanxing was telling her about as well.

She had even gone to talk to Sheng Yize with Li Fanxing, but he didn’t even look at her, let alone remember who she was.

He was that unapproachable guy to the rest of the world, who left all his gentleness for An Xiaxia.

Li Canxing clenched her fists at that thought, then flashed An Xiaxia a smile.

She seldom smiled and the expression gave her a ghastly look.

“An Xiaxia, do you want to hear about Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen’s past?”

Clouds were gathering overhead. An Xiaxia looked up at the gray sky and guessed that it was going to snow.

She walked back absentmindedly, her head filled with the story Li Canxing had told her.

“Sheng Yize and Song Qingchen knew each other twelve years ago. Sheng Yize’s mother had been in a car accident and he became severely withdrawn. Song Qingchen was the only one that he would open his heart to.

“There was an incident where both of them fell into a river. Song Qingchen gave Sheng Yize a push at the critical moment and Sheng Yize survived. She was carried away by the water and everyone thought she died.

“Because of her, Sheng Yize went out of his mind for three years and his father imprisoned him for that period of time. He then agreed to get treated, and became this blessed teenager and the idol of the nation. He didn’t do all that for you, but for Song Qingchen!”

She finished all that in one go and the corner of her mouth turned up. “Feel free to hate me. I’ve never been a good person and I can’t act the way my sister does. I hate you and I don’t need a reason. I just hate you. I’m only telling you this to upset you.”

She then held her head high and strode off like a victorious general.

An Xiaxia clenched her fists and breathed heavily.

She had thought it wouldn’t bother her. However, when she learned about that past, she was still upset.

She felt sorry for that Sheng Yize, whom no one had loved back then. She also envied Song Qingchen, who had been there to keep him warm.

She had heard a saying somewhere: Everyone lost their minds at least once in their lives.

Song Qingchen had given her life for Sheng Yize and he had lost his mind for her.

Where did she herself fit into this story?

“Xiaxia!” Sheng Yize saw that her face was pale and rushed to her side. His face was panic-stricken. “Are you alright? Is something wrong?”

An Xiaxia fought back her sadness and looked up. “I’m fine… You know what? Sheng Yize, I have a gift for you.”