Chapter 374: Little Dummy Xia, Stay Away From Me

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Sheng Yize was rendered speechless. He checked the tie and saw that it was from a luxury brand.

It was indeed an expensive tie.

“Which is more important… fried chicken or me…” A certain scheming guy finally asked this humiliating question.

An Xiaxia looked tormented by the question, which only made Sheng Yize despair even more.

He had thought he meant something to this woman. As it turned out, he didn’t!

“I think you’re more important…” After all, Sheng Yize could buy her fried chicken, but she couldn’t make a Sheng Yize out of fried chicken!

An Xiaxia almost wanted to praise herself for her wit.

Sheng Yize’s face lit up a little. Well, that was a good answer. He was better than fried chicken and that was worth celebrating.

Wait a minute? Why are you celebrating that? Are you seriously comparing yourself with fried chicken, Mr. Idol?!

“It’s snowing!” An Xiaxia skipped out of the room. Downstairs, the elderly couple was having breakfast. They were delighted by how happy An Xiaxia was.

“Little Xiaxia, what’s made you so happy?”

“Grandpa, Grandma, it’s snowing! I’m going to build a snowman and throw some snowballs!” An Xiaxia said excitedly.

“Of course, but you need to have some breakfast first! Grandpa will help with your snowman after that!”

“Um, that won’t be necessary. It’s too cold out there and Grandpa’s legs need to stay warm,” An Xiaxia said earnestly. She then gave them a sweet smile. “I’ll build a big snowman for all of us!”

The elderly couple was very pleased by her words and praised her for being such a considerate girl.

Quickly finishing her breakfast, An Xiaxia was about to go out when Sheng Yize stopped her.

With an impassive face, he put a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves on her. An Xiaxia grumbled, “That’s too much…”

“Then don’t go out at all. What if you catch a cold?” Sheng Yize said with a scowl, looking as if he would wrap a duvet around An Xiaxia if he could.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips and went into the garden after putting on all there was to put on. She then began to make her snowball.

“Lalala~” She hummed a tune she had made up herself and happily rolled her snowballs.

Qi Yanxi’s voice came from above. “Hey! Little Dummy Xia, what are you doing there?”

An Xiaxia looked up and saw Qi Yanxi standing by the fence a short distance away with a lit cigarette between his fingers.

“Qi Yanxi… Do you live here?” An Xiaxia was surprised.

Qi Yanxi snickered, extinguished the cigarette, and swiftly climbed over the fence. “Yup. Sheng Yize and I are neighbors.”

“So you’ve known each other since you were little? And you’ve been frenemies all these years? You guys must be soulmates!”

“I don’t do bromance! Hey, come over here…” Qi Yanxi protested loudly, then whispered in An Xiaxia’s ear. The smiles on their faces looked almost identical, which made Sheng Yize frown.

What were those two doing?

Before he could figure out the answer, two snowballs hurtled his way.

He dodged while An Xiaxia and Qi Yanxi began to make new ones already.

He was speechless and shouted, “Xiaxia, are you helping him now?”

“Teehee, Qi Yanxi said if I help him defeat you, he’ll buy me fried chicken for a whole semester!” An Xiaxia made her snowballs happily.

Sheng Yize smacked his forehead. Had she just sold him out for fried chicken?

Could his little girlfriend be more unbelievable?!

He remained level-headed and made a few snowballs, all of which he threw at Qi Yanxi.

Qi Yanxi wasn’t his match. He cried out and fell back.

Sheng Yize grinned all of a sudden. “Xiaxia, I’m buying you fried chicken with coke! Join me!”

An Xiaxia’s face lit up and the way her eyes scanned Qi Yanxi reminded him of little radars.

“Shit! Little Dummy Xia, stay away from me!” Qi Yanxi panicked.