Chapter 375: Her Smile and Her Tears (1)

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“Little Dummy Xia, you fencesitter! Ouch… Gosh, Xiaxia, not down my collar!”

Qi Yanxi howled as Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia slaughtered him.

Wind carried their laughter far into the distance.

They were all tired a while later, when An Xiaxia seemed to recall something. She asked Qi Yanxi, “Does Mu Li live here as well?”

“Hm… yeah.” Qi Yanxi frowned. “Do you want to see her now?”

An Xiaxia nodded. She hadn’t met Mu Li once since the beginning of the winter vacation.

“I’ll go get her. Wait here.” Qi Yanxi went back home after that.

An Xiaxia went on rolling her snowballs. Seeing that she was enjoying herself so much, Sheng Yize went to help her as well.

The Qi family house was as cold and cheerless as ever.

Mr. Sheng had had a relapse and had moved into a nursing home, taking Lu He with him. They would probably spend their Chinese New Year there.

The only ones who had stayed behind were some servants.

Qi Yanxi frowned. He only had a vague idea, which led him to a two-story building behind the main house.

It was the living quarters for the servants. The interior was separated into small rooms and Mu Li and her mother had been living here for the past decade.

On entering the building, Qi Yanxi heard the indistinct cry of a girl. His face turned grim right away. He then hurried in, following the sound.

He stopped outside a bathroom and heard the growl of a man. “Screw you… Stop pretending! You must have slept with a hundred men already! Struggle again and you’re dead! As well as that sickly mother of yours!”

“Hm…” It sounded like the girl had been gagged. She could only make muffled sounds, together with some broken sobs.

Qi Yanxi boiled with rage and kicked the door open!

Inside, the driver of the Qi family was groping a disheveled Mu Li…

A white towel had been stuffed into Mu Li’s mouth and tears ran down her delicate face. Her sobs grew louder at the sight of Qi Yanxi.

“Young, Young Master…” The driver pulled up his trousers with shaking hands and all the color drained from his face!

He had had his eye on the housekeeper’s daughter all along. He had thought her an ugly girl before, but recently, he had found her rather attractive after she upgraded her wardrobe!

Most of the servants were away during the winter vacation, leaving Mu Li and her mother behind in the building.

Her mother was in poor health and couldn’t do anything to him! Today, he had tricked Mu Li into entering the stairwell in the name of delivering special purchases for the Chinese New Year. He had then dragged her into the bathroom…

She was nothing but the daughter of a servant and it was time he had a taste of this fresh piece of fruit!

Qi Yanxi kept a straight face, then sneered. He reached out for the shelf on one side and smashed it on the man’s head!

“Aaah —” The man screamed. “Young Master, I’m sorry… Please forgive me. The slut started it! I, I… Please!”

Qi Yanxi grabbed him by his collar and banged his head on the bathtub. He didn’t hold back and it only took him a few strikes to paint the bathtub red.

The man had passed out, but Qi Yanxi still hadn’t worked off his anger. He went on kicking him hard, almost feeling like finishing him off right there!

Mu Li bit her lip and sobbed.

He had saved her… Had it not been for Qi Yanxi, she would probably have been raped by that disgusting driver…

Qi Yanxi fetched two bath towels and wrapped them around her.

“Which room is yours?”

Mu Li clutched his sweater and cried. “I – I can’t go back now… I don’t want my mother to see me like this…”