Chapter 377: Blacky Sheng and Flower Qi (1)

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Qi Yanxi swiftly jumped over the fence just as An Xiaxia got into the car after bidding the elderly couple farewell.

“Hey! Why are you going back?” Qi Yanxi was disgruntled.

He couldn’t see her if she went back.

“It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve and I’m going back home to watch the New Year’s Gala on TV!” An Xiaxia smiled. She then wrinkled her nose and asked, “Qi Yanxi, you’re not lying to me, are you? What on earth is going on with Mu Li? I need to see her even more now that she’s ill…”

“Visiting sick people during Chinese New Year will give you bad luck! She asked me to say hello for her and she said she’ll hang out with you after she recovers!” Qi Yanxi lied his ass off with a calm face. “Let me drive you home.”

The fellow that had been silent all this time sneered at Qi Yanxi’s offer and gave him an aloof two-word reply. “Get lost.”

“Damn you, Blacky Sheng!” Qi Yanxi gave Sheng Yize the finger.

An Xiaxia was already in the car, but she stuck her head out at this conversation. “Qi Yanxi, why did you call him blacky?”

“Because I’m fairer than him and he was jealous, hence the nickname.” Sheng Yize chuckled. “By the way, do you know what his is?”

Qi Yanxi snapped. “Tell her and you’re dead!”

“Are you still driving her home?” Sheng Yize asked in a cold voice.

Qi Yanxi backed off. “Fine, I won’t…”

Sheng Yize was going to let it go when Qi Yanxi slithered into the backseat. “But I can use a ride! I left something at Xiaxia’s. Take me with you, so I can fetch it!”

“Qi Yanxi, don’t flatter yourself. We’re not that close.” Sheng Yize was speechless. However, there was little he could do about this shameless fellow and he had no choice but to start the car.

The Porsche did a U-turn and headed for the An family home.

On their way back, An Xiaxia picked up the subject again. “So, what exactly is Qi Yanxi’s nickname?”

“Don’t tell her!” Qi Yanxi bristled.

Sheng Yize took his revenge. “He’s Flower Qi.”

What? How adorable!

Qi Yanxi looked like he was going to have a heart attack. “Damn you! I told you not to…”

However, Sheng Yize ignored the fuming fellow and explained unhurriedly, “Because our friend here loved to wear floral skirts… and he also loved to climb trees in them…”

“Hahaha! For real?” An Xiaxia laughed so hard that she was out of breath.

How could Qi Yanxi be so goofy when he was little!

Qi Yanxi was filled with despair. “Heh…”

He had only been five or six, and unlike the precocious Sheng Yize, all he did was run around like a little goofball.

He thought girls’ skirts looked pretty… When he asked Sheng Yize if he could wear one himself, his scheming friend casually replied, “Of course.”

Hence, he happily put on a floral skirt and went to climb a tree.

Hence, he had been laughed at all these years for that!

The humiliation! The utter humiliation!

It was only when their past was mentioned that the two suddenly realized, they had been such good friends…

However, that realization didn’t last long. Soon, the two were back to their usual selves and seeing each other as archenemies, which baffled An Xiaxia.

What on earth happened between them to make their relationship so awkward?

The An family.

An Xiaxia hopped out of the car. Papa An knew she was coming back and had come out of the house to greet her.

Seeing An Xiaxia, Papa An smiled amiably and waved at her.

Papa An was standing on the sidewalk. However, at that moment, a motorcycle rushed toward him!

Papa An couldn’t dodge in time and was knocked to the ground!