Chapter 378: Blacky Sheng and Flower Qi (2)

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After Papa An was knocked down, the rider adjusted the helmet calmly, revved the motorcycle, and immediately drove off.

An Xiaxia shrieked and ran to her father.


Papa An waved at her, indicating that he was alright. When he tried to walk, however, he sucked in a breath. It went without saying that his leg was injured.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi came over, both looking grim. They then helped An Xiaxia to take Papa An inside.

“Don’t worry, I fell down, that’s all. I guess I’m no longer a young man…” Papa An chuckled cheerfully. Since he had once been a doctor, he examined his leg himself. There were no broken bones, and it was enough to put on some external ointment.

“It’s good that both of you are here. I have something for you.” Papa An pointed at the bar. “It’s right there in the cabinet — the two paper bags. You’ve been working here a while, so those are thank you gifts from me.”

Qi Yanxi went to fetch both bags and passed one to Sheng Yize. Both were surprised by the contents.

In each bag was a thick, sports-style padded jacket, which suited teenagers of their age.

“You youngsters only want to look pretty nowadays. Look at how thin your clothes are!” Papa An reprimanded them. “Dress warmly in winter. Even if there’s central heating everywhere, you can’t go around wearing just a shirt and a sweater. You’ll catch a cold!”

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi were silent for a moment before they uttered their gratitude in unison. “Thank you, Uncle.”

This gift from Papa An was very heartwarming.

He wouldn’t have given them these if he didn’t care about them wholeheartedly.

“Alright. Put it on, if you like them. It snowed yesterday, but today will be colder, once the snow begins to melt!”

“Dad, stop nagging…” An Xiaxia rubbed her ears, afraid that the two fellows might lose their tempers.

After all, neither of them had mild dispositions.

Unexpectedly, both took the jackets out of the bags and obediently put them on. With their impressive heights and long legs, they looked more dashing than models. An Xiaxia gawked at them with sparkling eyes. “Wow… You two look great! But dad, you didn’t buy clothes only for them, did you? Where’s mine?”

“It’s upstairs.” Papa An rubbed her little head affectionately. An Xiaxia cheered and ran upstairs for her new clothes.

Papa An chuckled. He then took two red envelopes out of his pocket and stuffed one each into Sheng Yize’s and Qi Yanxi’s hands.

“That’s your salary and your lucky money for the new year.”

Papa An insisted they take the money and the two teenagers had no choice but to accept the red envelopes.

Before long, An Xiaxia rushed down the stairs wearing a red cashmere coat. The color and her fair skin contrasted beautifully and she almost looked radiant.

“Dad, I love you!” An Xiaxia gave Papa An a kiss. She then noticed that Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi were both staring at the red envelopes in their hands. She couldn’t help but wave her hands in front of their eyes. “What’s going on with you two?”

Sheng Yize smiled and put away the red envelope. “It’s nothing…”

He and Qi Yanxi were heirs of their families and they had more monthly pocket money than they could spend. He had made a small fortune after working in showbiz these years. However, this salary had shaken him more than anything else.

When An Xiaxia dragged him off to help her with her luggage, Qi Yanxi stood dazed on the spot. After quite a while, he finally asked Papa An hesitantly, “Uncle An, may I call you dad just this once?”

He knew he had a terrible temper and was a defiant teenager, which often enraged Father Qi, who would than beat him up.

He had never felt any warmth in his family home. However, he wanted to be a good kid here with Papa An.

Papa An was surprised by the request, but he smiled and said, “Sure.”

Qi Yanxi’s tanned cheeks flushed and he said quietly, “Dad…”