Chapter 379: The Price of Loving Sheng Yize

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“I’m here!” Papa An replied with a gentle smile. “Good boy. Here, have another one.”

Papa An took out another red envelope and stuffed it into Qi Yanxi’s hand.

An Xiaxia, who had just finished a round of lovey-dovey with Sheng Yize, walked in on them. She was displeased.

She pouted. “Dad, have you been giving Qi Yanxi red envelopes behind my back?!”

Papa An didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “I’ve just found you a new brother!”

“I don’t care!” An Xiaxia had no idea what happened and dragged Qi Yanxi out of the house. She then threatened him. “I’m my dad’s favorite! Try to steal him and I’ll beat you up!”

Qi Yanxi darted a scornful look at her short limbs and sneered. “Bring it on. I can fight you with both my hands and feet tied up.”

He could be so arrogant.

“Hmph… If you weren’t here, I would have had one more new coat! And my lucky money would have been double, too…” An Xiaxia complained.

Qi Yanxi smiled, and that smile reminded An Xiaxia of just one word.


She had never seen Qi Yanxi smile like that.

One new jacket and one red envelope… Were those all that were needed to make him happy?

At the thought of his relationship with his family, An Xiaxia bit her lip. “Qi Yanxi…”

“What? You want this red envelope? You can’t have it~” Qi Yanxi shook his hips and put on an irritating, swaggering act.

However, An Xiaxia felt Qi Yanxi had just put on a mask.

His arrogance, unruliness, and abominable behavior were all disguises he deliberately put on to protect himself from getting hurt.

“How are you going to spend that money?” She changed the subject.

“What do you do with yours?” Qi Yanxi asked instead.

An Xiaxia giggled. “I’ve been saving it! It’ll be my dowry one day!”

“YOU ARE HOPELESS!” Qi Yanxi stressed each word. He then rubbed her soft hair and said, “I’m off, bye. Go inside. You’ll catch a cold.” He smiled brightly, flashing his white teeth.

He wrapped the jacket tighter around him and the warmth of the whole world seemed to sink into his limbs. He felt his heart melt.

An Xiaxia watched as he left. The teenager reminded her of a wounded animal.

She hopped back inside to join Papa An and An Yibei. After dinner, the family of three sat down and watched the New Year’s Gala together.

An Xiaxia took out her phone and posted a “Happy Chinese New Year” on her social media account. Shortly afterwards, she received comments from everyone.

[Momo the Most Handsome in the Whole Universe]: Happy new year! XOXO~

[It’s Kang Jian Not Jian Kang]: Happy new year~ Xiaxia Wifey!

[Yuan Xiao Feng]: Hey! Who gave you permission to call her your wife? Xiaxia is mine.

[Unforeseeable Yu]: You two will get beaten up in no time and I’ll enjoy the show.

[Ze Ze]: Interesting.

At Sheng Yize’s comment, the others surrendered right away.

[Yuan Xiao Feng]: Ahem, the moon is so bright tonight.

[It’s Kang Jian Not Jian Kang]: Are you an idiot? It’s cloudy today!

[Momo the Most Handsome in the Whole Universe]: Tsk, tsk. Who’s the idiot now? That comment above was written by a goofball. Period.

An Xiaxia was going to reply when an anonymous QQ message popped up.

“How does it feel to watch the people around you get hurt all the time? An Xiaxia, that’s the price you have to pay for loving Sheng Yize!” The text was followed by a dozen skull emojis, which gave An Xiaxia the creeps.

Who had sent this to her?

Those around her getting hurt…

Could it be that An Yibei’s and Papa An’s accidents weren’t accidents at all, but had been premeditated?

An Xiaxia broke into a cold sweat.