Chapter 38: Expelled! (3)

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An Xiaxia hadn’t fully recovered and she hadn’t been eating well in the past few days. Her small face was pale and her chin had apparently gotten skinnier.

Even now, she could still feel the pain in the bones of her left hand as well as the injuries all over her body which were definitely no less severe than Jian Xin’er’s light wound.

However, not one person was willing to ask her if she had been bullied or not.

There was also no one willing to investigate the truth and figure out what really led to Jian Xin’er’s wound.

Her eyes were filled with tears, but she desperately fought to not let a single drop fall.

An Xiaxia took a deep breath before she continued, “That’s great. Because actually, I don’t even want to stay at this lousy school anymore. What a bunch of so-called heirs and heiresses… a bunch of teachers and leaders who don’t know right from wrong… You don’t need to kick me out, because I volunteer to drop out!”

“Hmph!” Mother Jian rolled her eyes while Jian Xin’er’s smiled sarcastically. Ding Yiyi grasped the hem of her clothes uneasily.

The principal’s expression was terrifyingly grim as he pointed at An Xiaxia. “You don’t need to attend today’s classes. Go get the paperwork done! Right this moment!”

An Xiaxia couldn’t control herself anymore and wiped her tears with her sleeve. She stubbornly didn’t say anything else before she headed toward the door.

She opened the door just in time to run into a tall man’s arms.

An Xiaxia let out more tears from the pain and when she raised her head, she looked into the eyes of an elite male who wore glasses and had an expression as icy cold as a snowy mountain. An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

Why was he here…

The man adjusted his frameless glasses. He wore a dark-colored suit with a tie neatly wrapped around the collar. His handsome face was expressionless. He adjusted his glasses again and smirked. “So, Qixia High is actually such a shady school. It seems the education system has failed in their supervision.”

“Who are you? Who gave you permission to come into the principal’s office?!” The dean demanded unhappily.

The man ignored this and glanced down at An Xiaxia as he asked in a deep and low voice, “Where did you get hurt?”

The aura he emitted was so overpowering that An Xiaxia surrendered obediently before she realized it. “My hand… and several other places. Anyway, I’m definitely more wounded than she is!” she said as she pointed at the small wound on Jian Xin’er’s arm.

The man adjusted his glasses again and spoke in a cold voice. “You have violated Article 234 of the Criminal Law: intentional assault; Article 246: defamation; Article 293: defiance, as well as the laws of public order and security administration, civil law, and the education act… Miss Jian, is it? Do you know your actions are enough to put you in jail for a very long time?”

Mother Jian snorted in contempt. “Where did this psycho come from? Who does he think he is? Moreover, my Xin’er is a minor. How can she go to jail?!”

The man laughed grimly. “Ignorance is really a terrible thing… According to the provision in Chinese law, sixteen years of age is old enough to be convicted under criminal charges! Harming others at such an age – the court will punish the offender as they see fit! Criminal proceedings follow the law of state prosecution and the prosecutors will file for a public prosecution with the court on behalf of the country!”

Once he finished speaking, a hush fell over the entire room.

The principal asked in a shaky voice, “Who on earth are you?”

“You’re the principal?” The man narrowed his eyes and his smile became even icier. “I would like to ask, when this incident of school violence happened, did the school take proper measures and provide guidance? Did the school carry out its obligatory duties of supervision and regulation?”

The principal closed his mouth and continued to stay silent.

“You all want my Xiaxia to drop out, right? Fine, we’ll see you in court! I might have little talent, but what I do have is time and I’m willing to waste it on everyone here!” The man then put his grim expression back on. “Oh, I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. I’m An Yibei of Thousand Island Law Firm!”

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Chapter 39: Well Done

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The man’s tone was cold and calm to the extreme, but still held volume and strength! The principal’s office quieted down immediately.

Madam Jian murmured his name twice to herself and her expression changed.

The principal was frozen on the spot as well and his wrinkled face was covered in astonishment, giving him a rather comical and ridiculous look.

“So… so it’s Mr. An, right? They’re just kids and don’t know what they’re doing. Sorry for making you go through all this trouble.” Madam Jian gave a smile and went up to them. She even tried to hold An Xiaxia’s arm in a pretentiously affectionate manner. “Miss An, my apologies. Xin’er is just an ignorant girl. How about we each take a step back and let this thing drop?”

An Xiaxia drew back her arm in disgust and gingerly hid behind An Yibei.

Jian Xin’er didn’t seem to know when to stop and she continued to cry arrogantly, “Mom! Are you crazy?! What are you doing apologizing to that bitch An Xiaxia for?! Expel her!”

Madam Jian was so angry that had it not been for all these people here, she would have slapped her. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do it and could only lower her voice and scold her. “Shut up! Control yourself!”

Who exactly was An Yibei? He was someone she had never met. However, she had heard of him.

There was a law firm in Yu City that closed every case they handled, big or small, with perfect results. Each and every one of their lawyers was exceptionally talented.

Among them was a top lawyer. According to his track record in all the cases he had ever managed, his success rate was 100%!

Madam Jian couldn’t help but be wary of this terrifying individual.

An Yibei’s smile was piercing as he asked, “Miss Jian, tell me, did my younger sister really give you that wound on your arm?”

Jian Xin’er confidently replied, “Of course!”

An Yibei turned to look at An Xiaxia. “Xiaxia, if you didn’t do this, this is evidence of her slandering you. If you really did do it, then I can only say, well done.”

“You!” Madam Jian’s smile vanished and she glared at An Yibei.

An Yibei didn’t seem to notice how provoking his words were and reached out to pat An Xiaxia on the head. “After all, it was only self-defense. Even if we end up in court, I can still defend you. As for the charges of defamation and assault, we’ll see about that… Ah, that’s right, falsifying a testimony is also a crime~”

Before he could finish the sentence, Ding Yiyi’s legs gave out and she fell into a heap on the floor with a loud thud.

“I… I didn’t give false testimony…” She was paralyzed from fear.

An Yibei glanced at her sternly. “Then tell me, how did Miss Jian get her wound?!”

Ding Yiyi was completely frightened by his scorching glare and nearly cried out. She replied incoherently, “It… It wasn’t An Xiaxia who did it. X– Xin’er did it to herself. She even forced me to pretend to be a witness! I didn’t want to give false testimony. I don’t want to go to jail either…”

“Ding Yiyi, you idiot!” Jian Xin’er screamed frantically.

Madam Jian pulled her back immediately, her face horrifyingly grim.

An Yibei calmly observed the drama before him before he held An Xiaxia’s hand. “Let’s go. We still need to handle the documentation for withdrawing from school while I arrange a lawyer’s letter to be delivered to the school!”

Before the two of them could step out of the office, the principal ran over to them, covered in cold sweat. He then tried to assume an official air. “Misunderstanding… it’s all just a simple misunderstanding. Mr. An, please calm down. We can talk about this like civil people…”

An Xiaxia looked at the principal’s hypocritical expression and couldn’t help but retch. She then ran out of the principal’s office on her own.

Outside, a tall and handsome figure leaned against the wall, and he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Your brother is even more impressive than the rumors say.”

“Sheng Yize…? Why are you here?” An Xiaxia stared at him, wide-eyed.