Chapter 380: I Miss You So Much (1)

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Song Qingchen’s threatening words from a few days ago rang in her head —

“Everyone you care for is getting hurt because of your pathetic love… An Xiaxia, just wait and see!”

Her fingers were shaking so much that her phone slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor with a thud, which caught Papa An and An Yibei’s attention.

“Xiaxia, what’s wrong?” Papa An asked mildly.

An Xiaxia picked up her phone right away and forced a smile. “Nothing… My hand just slipped. The program this year is terrible. I’ll go watch some cartoons in my room!”

“Alright. I’ll make you some dumplings at midnight.” An Xiaxia fled to her room after Papa An’s gentle words.

Closing the door behind her, she leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths, suppressing the panic inside.

Song Qingchen was just a 16-year-old teenager. She couldn’t be capable of doing such vile things, could she…

She comforted herself in her head. However, after much consideration, she still found Song Qingchen the most suspicious.

Her phone suddenly rang, which made her jump and she almost threw it away.

Looking at the screen, she saw that it was from Sheng Yize. She took a deep breath and picked it up.

“Xiaxia.” His voice was as pleasant as ever.

An Xiaxia smiled despite herself. “Teehee, what are you doing now?”

Sheng Yize was standing in the garden and he darted a look at the brightly lit old house behind him. His voice was unbelievably soft. “I’m thinking about you.”

I’m thinking about you.

Those four simple words had just become the sweetest lover’s prattle in the world, which brought a pink color to An Xiaxia’s cheeks.

She held a stuffed animal in her arms and stammered. “I – I miss you, too…”

She thought she heard Sheng Yize chuckle. He then whispered, “Dummy…”

An Xiaxia could hear fireworks on the other end, as well as the sound of a gusty wind. She frowned. “Are you outside?”

“Yes. Grandpa and Grandma are watching TV,” replied Sheng Yize.

“Alright, let’s talk on QQ. Go back inside now.” An Xiaxia was afraid that he might catch a cold and was going to hang up. She then said suddenly, “Check your QQ messages in a minute. I’m sending you something!”

“Sure,” Sheng Yize replied good-naturedly.

An Xiaxia sprinted out of her room and shouted, “Brother, where’s your lady-killer?”

“What killer?” An Yibei adjusted his glasses.

“I mean your guitar!”

“It’s in the study. What are you doing with a guitar at this hour?” An Yibei looked confused.

An Xiaxia gave him a sly smile and said, “It’s a secret!” She then ran into the study.

Ten minutes later.

Sheng Yize received a video from An Xiaxia.

He put on his earphones and watched. The girl looked nervous as she took a deep breath. She then strummed a tune and played him a song.

The lively rhythm and sweet lyrics brought a smile to Sheng Yize’s usually impassive face.

An Xiaxia was singing earnestly.

I want to send you a message

I miss you so much

I want to call you this moment

I miss you so much

The first thing I do when I get out of bed

Is to think about you

Be it a sunny or rainy day

I miss you all the same

When I tell you I miss you

You never believe me

But you keep asking, if I’m missing you now…

The elderly butler standing next to Sheng Yize took in every change in his facial expression.

“Hey, my little one, what video are you watching?” Grandma Sheng moved closer.

“Nothing.” Sheng Yize switched to his cool face and put the phone away. However, the old butler couldn’t help but tease him. “Right. It was just something the young master has replayed two dozen times…”