Chapter 381: I Miss You So Much (2)

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Sheng Yize darted a look at him and the skin behind his ears turned pink.

The elderly butler had been with the family for too long to be cowed. He went on teasing Sheng Yize, “And the video was made by Miss Xiaxia herself~”

“What? Little Xiaxia’s video? You little brat! Why are you keeping it from me? Show me!” Grandma Sheng scolded him. Sheng Yize cleared his throat and said, “Grandma, look, isn’t that your favorite crosstalk comedian…”

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Grandma Sheng picked up the remote control and switched off the TV. Her face said, “Show me now or there will be consequences.”

Grandpa Sheng chimed in with his authoritative tone. “That’s right. Play it now.”

Sheng Qingyi was the only one who snorted and turned the other way.

Sheng Yize had no choice but to unplug the earphones and play the video on speaker.

Seeing An Xiaxia sing a lovely song while playing the guitar, the elderly couple’s faces lit up. They looked as if they wanted to crawl into the screen and Sheng Yize could almost picture pink bubbles rising out of their heads.

“Oh my, our Little Xiaxia is so lovely! And she plays the guitar! How talented!”

Sheng Qingyi snickered and Grandpa Sheng rolled his eyes. “I’m not going to mention an unfilial son in this room by name! Such a good-for-nothing! Can’t even give me a granddaughter… Sigh !”

Sheng Qingyi was speechless.

He was Grandpa Sheng’s only son and that “good-for-nothing” could be no one else but him!

Who else could it be?!

Elderly people tended to prefer male children over female ones. However, the Sheng family was the other way around! Sheng Qingyi didn’t even know what to make of it!

The elderly couple played the video several times before patting Sheng Yize’s shoulder in satisfaction. “My little one, make Little Xiaxia your wife as soon as possible! Give us a baby. We want a baby as cute as Xiaxia!”

Sheng Yize didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “The legal age for marriage is 22 for men and 20 for women. We can’t break the law!”

“That’s right…” Grandpa Sheng and Grandma Sheng sighed regretfully. A moment later, they said, “Little one, don’t worry about getting married now. You two can get engaged first! You’re 18 now and Xiaoxia is 17. You two will be able to get married in four years!”

Sheng Qingyi was vexed. “Dad, mum, that An family is so common… All they have is a coffee shop. Her dad used to be a doctor and her brother is a lawyer. She’s not a fine match for us…” Before he could finish, Grandma Sheng exploded. “Bah! You brat! You just won’t let us have a lovely granddaughter-in-law and a great grandson, will you?”

“I didn’t mean that…”

“When I married your father, the Sheng family was going downhill. You wouldn’t even be here if I detested your penniless old man!” Grandma Sheng rolled her eyes. Grandpa Sheng, the ultimate wife supporter, chimed in. “Exactly. Family background is nothing compared with true love. You pedantic bum!”

Sheng Qingyi was speechless and was utterly humiliated by his parents’ “brat” and “bum.” However, there was nothing he could do.

He darted a glance at Sheng Yize and looked right into the latter’s smiling eyes.

Sheng Yize had anticipated this turn of events. He casually rose to his feet, ignoring Sheng Qingyi who was grinding his teeth.

An Xiaxia ate the dumplings Papa An cooked for her at midnight, said “happy new year,” received her lucky money, and skipped back to her room.

She opened her Weibo and refreshed the page. Her friends had all forwarded a video which had gone viral.

Clicking it open, she blushed right away.

It had been posted by Sheng Yize himself, who had come up with his version of the song “I Miss You”!