Chapter 382: The Transfer Student (1)

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In the video, Sheng Yize hummed languidly while plucking the guitar strings.

He had a white shirt on and was still wearing that tie which An Xiaxia had given him. His black hair looked soft and instead of the cold face he usually put on, there was warmth in his smile now. The mole under his eye gave him a mesmerizing quality.

He was looking at the camera, but she felt like he was singing only for her.

An Xiaxia held her cheeks in her palms and was completely enthralled.

Awww! He was so handsome and he sang so well! He was indeed her awesome Mr. Idol!

She clicked into Sheng Yize’s Weibo page and saw that the video had been posted at midnight. The caption read: For you know who .

Below, the numbers of shares, comments, and “likes” were all rising fast. The comments section was drowned in the wailing of fangirls.

“Out of my way! My hubby just posted something new!”

“Lord Yezi, mwa! Your voice is beautiful! Me likey!”

“So who on earth is this ‘you know who’? Aaah! Somebody please tell me!”

“Does anyone still remember that interview… Boss Yize said he took it for his girlfriend, so she must be the one this song is for! You dummies!”

“I’m jealous! Someone please stop this man! Now!”

“As long as Boss Yize is happy, we fans will give you our best wishes~”


An Xiaxia quickly scrolled through the comments and saw that they were filled with blessings, which actually surprised her.

Come to think of it, hiding information on marriage or kids was no longer a common practice in showbiz these days. Instead, the press welcomed news of celebrities in love or getting married. When handled properly, they made the best publicity.

Moreover, the saying was that one could tell what sort of person a celebrity was from the behavior of their fans.

Teehee, since he had such civilized fans, Sheng Yize could only be an excellent person himself.

An Xiaxia fell asleep clasping her phone.

She had the sweetest dream that night.

After the Chinese New Year and the lucky money, the only task left during An Xiaxia’s winter vacation was: catching up on her homework!

Sheng Yize had given her the cold shoulder and refused to lend her his homework. However, in the end, he yielded…

His principle was that he had no principles when it came to An Xiaxia…

Starry Night’s studio was doing well. After a short break of less than half a month, they began to fly all over the country for public appearances again.

After the Lantern Festival and the plump glutinous rice puddings, the new term began at Qixia High.

On the first day of the new term, An Xiaxia arrived at school with Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian.

The first period was the class meeting session held by Bai Ziyue, who walked onto the platform, scanned the classroom, and smiled in resignation. “I see all of you had a great winter vacation. We now have a room full of rolling meatballs here! You’ve all put on a few pounds, haven’t you? What good stuff have you all been eating?”

“Teehee…” Everyone chuckled. They then began to tease one another.

“You’re so round!”

“You’re rounder!”

“Look at that chubby face of yours, hahaha!”

“Go! Pikachu!”

The hubbub carried on for a while before Bai Ziyue gestured for them to settle down. “Everyone, please be quiet now. We have a new student this term and I hope you’ll all get along well with her.”

At those words, the classroom door was pushed open and a graceful girl in the Qixia uniform walked in.

Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. She wore no makeup, but her features were so pretty that one found it hard to look away. She was as elegant and refreshing as a budding orchid in a remote valley.

Her cheeks dimpled when she smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Song Qingchen.”

“Wow! Such a beauty!”

“This way! This way!”

The boys exploded. However, An Xiaxia froze on the spot, as if she had just been electrocuted.