Chapter 383: The Transfer Student (2)

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Song Qingchen? Why was she here in Qixia?

Song Qingchen scanned the classroom. Her gaze landed on An Xiaxia for a brief moment before she looked away. She bowed a little. “I hope we’ll all get along well.”

Bai Ziyue asked, “Song Qingchen, where do you want to sit?”

“Miss, may I sit there?” She pointed at the seat next to An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize was on a job today and hadn’t come to school.

An Xiaxia’s throat tightened. The woman was definitely doing it on purpose!

Bai Ziyue shook her head. “I’m afraid that seat has been taken.”

“Then, how about that one?” Song Qingchen smiled harmlessly.

Bai Ziyue followed her finger and saw that she was pointing at the seat next to Qi Yanxi!

Because of Devil Qi’s infamous reputation, no one had dared sit next to him so far. This new student was a bold one!

Qi Yanxi narrowed his eyes, looked Song Qingchen up and down, and whistled frivolously. “I have no problem with that.”

“If that’s the case, please take your seat,” said Bai Ziyue with a smile.

Song Qingchen picked up her bag, walked gracefully to Qi Yanxi’s side, and sat down.

Qi Yanxi asked in a low voice, “So, you’re Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart?”

Song Qingchen tilted her head. “In that case, doesn’t that make you Sheng Yize’s childhood buddy?”

Qi Yanxi gave her a knowing look, then smiled viciously.

“Hello, Xiaxia~” Song Qingchen greeted An Xiaxia, who was on the other side of Qi Yanxi.

Had An Xiaxia not known what she really was, she would have actually thought of Song Qingchen as a friend.

However, she knew better now and only smiled politely. “Hello.”

The bell rang and class was over. The classroom was filled with a hubbub of voices again.

There was then a commotion at the door. An Xiaxia looked up and saw that Li Fanxing had come down from the third floor.

She quickly went up to Song Qingchen and held her hands in a familiar manner. “Songsong, you’ve come to Qixia as well! I’m so happy!”

The two held hands, looking all BFF-like.

An Xiaxia gripped her pen tighter. No wonder. She should have realized it sooner.

Li Fanxing and Song Qingchen had to know each other!

Otherwise, Li Fanxing wouldn’t have said those words after that advertisement shoot, nor would she have sent that photo of Song Qingchen and Sheng Yize standing together!

After the loving sisters finished catching up, Li Fanxing took out a lunchbox covered in cartoon characters and put it in front of Qi Yanxi with a shy look on her face.

“Oh? What do we have here?” Qi Yanxi asked carelessly.

Li Fanxing lowered her head and twisted the lower hem of her clothes like an innocent girl. “That’s a bento box I made for you myself~”

One corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth lifted up, and with the manner of one teasing his prey, he said in a deep voice, “Come here.”

Li Fanxing was delighted. She went to stand by him and held his arm.

The two were so close that Qi Yanxi’s arm brushed against her ample bosom. Instead of moving away, she rubbed against his arm a little.

All the students looked at them, intrigued. An Xiaxia was the closest and had the best view. She couldn’t help but shudder. What she saw gave her goosebumps.

She wished she hadn’t seen it…

Qi Yanxi was smiling. However, if one looked closer, they would be able to detect contempt in that smile.

“Open it.”

Li Fanxing removed the lid obediently. Inside were some laver-wrapped rice, half a boiled egg, and some shrimp, beef, carrots… It looked so scrumptious that one simply wanted to eat it all.

“That looks like a lot of work.” Qi Yanxi chuckled. However, the next moment, he tossed the entire box into the garbage bin. “But, I don’t like it!”