Chapter 384: The Music Festival (1)

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Li Fanxing’s face slowly grew pale.

Qi Yanxi sat there with one knee crossed over the other and his cold face could give one frostbite.

“Anything else?” he lifted his angular chin and asked in a haughty tone.

Qi Yanxi never wasted time on those he didn’t like.

Li Fanxing’s face seemed to have frozen and it took every effort to force out a smile. “If you don’t like this, I’ll cook you something else next time.”

“Sure.” Surprisingly, Qi Yanxi didn’t turn her down. Instead, he nodded and said in a cocky manner, “I’ll make sure my aim is better next time. Do come back, or you’ll be depriving me of some great fun!”

“Haha, are you kidding me? So what if she’s a celebrity, Young Master Qi still won’t give her a second glance.”

“I like that! Hey, anyone took photos? Post it on Weibo!”

“Goddess, please don’t cry. I’m here for you!”

“Bah! Just look at yourself! How can the goddess possibly take a fancy to you?”


The clamor of comments and taunts was something Li Fanxing had never experienced before.

Once, Qi Yanxi had been head over heels in love with her. He would have made anyone in Qixia who dared piss her off miserable!

All her requests had been granted and he had treated her like a queen. Back then, she had always ordered Qi Yanxi around and given him a hard time.

He had waited in line all night on one cold winter day, just to buy her a limited edition bracelet for her birthday; he used to fly tens of hours away and back without any rest, just to get her snacks she had mentioned in passing. Because of what she had said, he had never smoked when she was present, nor had he allowed any of his friends to smoke in front of her…

And there was so much more. He had done all those things for her, but she had never cherished any of it.

Despite their glamorous appearance, the Li family was almost a shell now. Her father had ordered her to marry into a wealthier family and she only had two options: Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi.

Since Sheng Yize had mercilessly refused her, Qi Yanxi was her only hope.

Li Fanxing’s plan was to play the docile woman first and be nice to Qi Yanxi, so as to rekindle his old feelings for her. She could work from there and gradually develop a relationship with him. They would be back together eventually, wouldn’t they?

However, she had forgotten about Qi Yanxi’s own feelings. Given how much she had hurt him back then, how could he think of her the same way anymore?

Li Fanxing was so embarrassed that she had lost all her words. Song Qingchen smiled gently at her just then. “Fanxing, Young Master Qi must have only been joking~ The next period is starting soon. I think you should head back to your classroom~”

That gave Li Fanxing a way out, and she then left in a hurry. Qi Yanxi pondered, let out a snort, and dragged his chair over next to An Xiaxia.

“Hey… This seat is taken!” An Xiaxia didn’t know what else to say.

“Sheng Yize’s not here today, anyway.” Qi Yanxi casually leaned back in his chair, shaking his legs while humming a tune. He reminded one so much of a ruffian.

An Xiaxia shook her head and began to copy her notes. However, her mind was overwhelmed by her eagerness for gossip. She couldn’t help but put down her pen and whisper to Qi Yanxi, “Flower Qi, what did you see in Li Fanxing back then?”

“Shit! Don’t call me by that name!” Qi Yanxi bristled, which caught the attention of the teacher on the platform.

“What are you staring at? Go back to your lecture. Don’t disturb my conversation!” he said in a domineering voice. The tiny physics teacher cringed and didn’t dare say a word of protest. He then gingerly went back to his teaching.

An Xiaxia watched this in embarrassment and said a silent prayer for the teacher.

Qi Yanxi moved closer and smiled mesmerizingly. “Do you really want to know?”

After much hesitation, curiosity got the better of An Xiaxia and she nodded affirmatively!

“Because she has bigger boobs than you!”