Chapter 385: The Music Festival (2)

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Pfft —

An Xiaxia almost had a heart attack. “You – you…”

She waved her fist angrily and punched Qi Yanxi in the face.

Thud —


Instantly, all eyes in the classroom were on them.

Gosh! Did An Xiaxia just hit Devil Qi? Was she going to survive this class?

The physics teacher jolted. He wiped at his cold sweat and his legs trembled.

He was just a common teacher without any sort of prestigious background… However, he couldn’t just stand there and watch when his student was in danger!

“Ahem… An Xiaxia, please behave yourself in class… Qi – Qi Yanxi, go back to your own seat!” he said in a shaky voice.

To everyone’s surprise, Qi Yanxi grimaced and rubbed his handsome face. Under the eyes of everyone in the classroom, he said in a piteous voice, “Little Dummy Xia, couldn’t you hit me anywhere else but my face?”

The crowd thought, “Shit! Who’s this person and what has he done with Devil Qi?!”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded as well. She asked embarrassedly, “Are you alright?”

“It hurts a little… That’s both my face and my heart!” Qi Yanxi pounded on his chest and wouldn’t stop howling.

An Xiaxia had had enough. “Go back to your desk!”

Qi Yanxi sniffled. Putting one palm to his face and dragging the chair with his other hand, he returned to his seat, looking defeated. The bitter look on his face reminded one of a little young wife.

Everyone watched this with unblinking eyes and thought they were having hallucinations.

OMG! Someone could actually threaten Devil Qi?!

“Stare at me again and I’ll dig your eyeballs out! What’s wrong with you people?!” Qi Yanxi banged on his desk and roared. The teacher and the students immediately went back to normal and continued with their teaching and learning.

However, everyone was excited for some gossip now…

Rumors spread the fastest. Li Fanxing showed up just as school ended for the day.

She stopped An Xiaxia on the landing with a ferocious look on her face. “An Xiaxia! You slut! You seduced Sheng Yize when I was with him and now that I’m with Qi Yanxi, you’re sabotaging our relationship again! What are you playing at?”

Before An Xiaxia could say anything, Su Xiaomo, who was with her, was enraged. She gave Li Fanxing a good scolding right to her face. “Why, Li Fanxing, why are you even on earth?! If you really think you’re that great, go live on the sun! Have you forgotten what you did? You ditched Qi Yanxi the moment you saw something better. You’re always riding two horses and hitting on one man after another. What makes you think you can go around accusing others? And what do you mean by ‘with Sheng Yize’ and ‘with Qi Yanxi’? Aren’t you shameless? By ‘with’ them, are you saying you were really together or was it just in your head?”

Li Fanxing gritted her teeth and raised her hand. However, An Xiaxia grabbed her wrist before Li Fanxing could slap her. An Xiaxia gave her a little push and Li Fanxing stumbled back a few steps to keep her balance. She almost fell off the stairs.

“Senior, you’re either cursing others or hitting them. I really don’t think those are good habits. If you want your ex-boyfriend back, pay more attention to him. Stop being so paranoid and thinking all girls are your rivals in love!” An Xiaxia was glib and she smiled brightly. “Plus, if you want to start a war, at least find a quiet corner… See, someone’s recording us. It’s all the same to me, but you’re a public figure… If things get out… hoho…”

An Xiaxia couldn’t be bothered to say another word to her. She took Su Xiaomo’s hand and dragged her away.

Li Fanxing stomped her foot. A soft voice then rang out beside her. “Fanxing, how can you stand her insults?”