Chapter 386: The Music Festival (3)

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“Of course I won’t let her off the hook just like that…” Li Fanxing snorted and darted a look at Song Qingchen. “So, how does it feel to come back as his childhood sweetheart?”

Song Qingchen clenched her fists while not a muscle moved on her face. She then gave Li Fanxing a sideway glance. “Don’t forget that we’re in the same boat!”

“Of course not.”

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo had just walked out of the school gate when a fiery red Ferrari blocked their way.

Inside the convertible, Qi Yanxi whistled and winked at them with amorous eyes. “Where are you going? Let me give you a ride.”

“That’s ok.” An Xiaxia shook her head. “We’ll just take the bus… Hm, Momo, why did you pinch me?”

Su Xiaomo’s eyes shone as they ran over Qi Yanxi’s sports car from one end to the other. She then lowered her voice and said, “Xiaxia, I’ve been working on this teenage girl comic lately. Please give me a chance to experience what it feels like to be driven around by a domineering young master!”

“Um…” Before An Xiaxia could react to that, Su Xiaomo replied loudly, “Sure! Thank you, bro!”

She dragged An Xiaxia into the car and the corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched.

“Don’t mention it, Brother Mo! We’re all buddies here!”

He actually appreciated girls like Su Xiaomo, who didn’t bullshit around. He could treat them like buddies and was comfortable around them!

An Xiaxia almost broke into a cold sweat. Didn’t Su Xiaomo say she was working on a teenage girl comic? Her manner wasn’t exactly like a teenage girl…

“Where are you off to?” Qi Yanxi asked.

“The district stadium…” An Xiaxia told him their destination and Qi Yanxi floored the gas pedal. The car made a sleek U-turn, then headed toward the district stadium.

The Ferrari took them there a short while later.

Instead of leaving, Qi Yanxi parked the car and followed them.

“Flower Qi, why are you following us?!”

“Damn it… Didn’t I tell you not to use that name again… Fine, call me whatever you want. But you’re the only one that can use that name from now on!” Qi Yanxi said in a cocky tone and brushed his brown fringe off his face. “This place is so remote and you two are a dummy and a careless woman. I doubt you’d even notice if someone sold you off. Of course I have to be around to protect you!”

He said it so matter-of-factly that An Xiaxia couldn’t do anything but shrug and enter the stadium.

They joined a line behind a sign which said “Entry for Music Festival” and Qi Yanxi was a little surprised. “You’re going to play in the music festival?”

Yu City’s annual music festival had long enjoyed a good reputation. Quite a few talented musicians had been discovered during the event.

“Yup. Have you forgotten that Xiaxia is a specialized student in arts?” Su Xiaomo answered for her.

It was soon An Xiaxia’s turn. The staff handed her a form and she began to fill in her personal information carefully. Qi Yanxi darted a look at it and saw that she had registered in the violin competition.

After An Xiaxia handed in her form, the staff dropped a stack of files on the the ground while organizing them. She helped pick them up, and accidently saw a name on a form.

Group Year 1 Contestant: Song Qingchen.

Event: Violin.

It couldn’t be her, could it?

An Xiaxia kept her suspicions to herself, but she had a bad feeling.

Qi Yanxi drove both of them back to their homes before he left in that flashy sports car.

After dinner, An Xiaxia went back to her room and made a video call on her iPad to Sheng Yize.

He was still attending public events in another city. An Xiaxia sighed. “It’s like we’re in a long-distance relationship now.”

Sheng Yize had the faintest smile on his face as he murmured, “This won’t go on forever…”

An Xiaxia didn’t catch that. She then remembered what happened this afternoon and asked casually, “Does your childhood sweetheart play the violin?”