Chapter 387: The Music Festival (4)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Her soft voice seemed to stir up a very old memory for Sheng Yize.

He looked lost for a moment, but thanks to his great self-control, he snapped out of it immediately. “Yes… And she’s very good at it.”

An Xiaxia sighed. So, it wasn’t a coincidence. That Song Qingchen on the form was indeed Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart.

Friday soon arrived.

The first audition for the violin competition was held today. An Xiaxia asked Bai Ziyue for a day off to take part in the event.

She ran into two familiar faces in the office: Li Fanxing and Song Qingchen.

Song Qingchen had entered the violin competition and Li Fanxing was accompanying her on the piano.

Bai Ziyue, the class teacher, signed their request for leave with a smile. “Good luck to the three of you~”

“Thank you, Miss Bai.” The three thanked the teacher but wouldn’t look at one another. Li Fanxing and Song Qingchen then left the office first.

“An Xiaxia, one moment, please,” Bai Ziyue called after An Xiaxia, then picked up a stack of test papers from her desk. “Here are the history papers for the class… I helped Mr. Tang to mark them. Go and hand them back to everyone.”

An Xiaxia was the class representative for history. She blinked and asked, “Miss Bai, why did you mark the papers for Mr. Tang?”

“His hand is injured and he can’t correct the papers himself. I can’t have the whole class delayed because of one person…”

Despite her lofty-sounding excuse, her feelings were betrayed by her blushing cheeks.

“Oh? In that case, should I express my gratitude, Miss Bai?” They heard a mesmerizing male voice at that moment. Tang Yijun walked gracefully into the office and stopped beside Bai Ziyue.

An Xiaxia noticed that her class teacher’s face had turned even redder.

“Mr. Tang, what happened to your hand?” An Xiaxia asked.

Tang Yijun said with a smile, “It comes with this job. I’ll be fine in a few days. Here, my little class representative. Have a candy and good luck with your competition!” He opened his palm in front of An Xiaxia. There was a toffee lying on it.

An Xiaxia took it and thanked him politely. She then left the office with the toffee and the papers.

Teehee, something seemed to be going on between the two teachers…

In the office.

Bai Ziyue straightened her shoulders and made a show of watching a PPT on her computer. Tang Yijun chuckled and stuck out an open palm under her nose.

There was another toffee on it.

An Xiaxia rushed to the competition venue and changed in the changing room.

She couldn’t help but shudder once she changed into her dress.

Although there was central heating here, it was still too cold to wear a dress in this season.

She rubbed her arms, picked up her violin case, and headed backstage.

Halfway there, she received a phone call from her partner.

“I’m sorry Xiaxia, I ate something bad and I can’t be there as your accompanist today… Shit. I have to use the toilet again!”

An Xiaxia hung up in frustration and sighed.The accompaniment wasn’t all that important during the first audition… Although, she would certainly receive less marks than those who did have one.

She lifted the lower hem of her dress off the floor, pushed the door of the changing room open, and climbed the stairs backstage.

Two figures in all their finery stood on the stairs.

The two blocked the way like a pair of door gods. An Xiaxia frowned. “Let me pass, please.”

“An Xiaxia, what’s the rush? Let’s have a chat. After all, we’re all from the same school. Let’s get to know each other better.” Li Fanxing smiled brightly.

Song Qingchen blinked her innocent big eyes. “Xiaxia, I heard that you don’t have a mother. Is that true?”