Chapter 388: The Music Festival (5)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

An Xiaxia’s face went pale and she gritted her teeth. “Move!”

She was going to push Li Fanxing and Song Qingchen to the side and force her way up!

“Your mother isn’t dead, is she? Doesn’t that make you a motherless wildling? No wonder you’re such a low achiever. If I were you, I wouldn’t even be here for this competition. You’re an embarrassment yourself…” Song Qingchen sighed with feigned sympathy, while Li Fanxing said in a cynical tone, “That’s right, but some people just don’t know what shame is. What can you do about it?”

Li Fanxing secretly extended her leg, which was unnoticeable under the layers of her long dress, but it was enough to trip An Xiaxia!

They weren’t high enough on the stairs to hurt An Xiaxia with a fall. However, they would be satisfied enough to see An Xiaxia make a fool of herself!

Slap —

Before her foot could trip An Xiaxia, there was the crisp sound of a slap!

Li Fanxing’s mouth fell open when she saw Song Qingchen cover her cheek with a hand, disbelief written all over her face.

“How dare you hit me?!” she said, still finding it hard to believe. Her cheek was already swollen, which indicated how much strength An Xiaxia had put into it.

The rims of An Xiaxia’s eyes were red. “You want a fight? Bring it on! But leave my family out of it! Who the hell do you think you are? Who gave you the right to judge other people’s families?”

Family was where An Xiaxia drew the line.

Even a rabbit would bite when irritated, let alone An Xiaxia, who would never get butchered without putting up a fight!

She had never met her mother. When she was little, rumors in the neighborhood were that Mother An had had an affair and abandoned the family, or that Mother An had preferred money over Papa An, the honest doctor…

Whenever she heard such words, An Xiaxia would lose her temper and throw stones at those people. She would often get told off by Papa An after she got home, but she never regretted what she had done.

The word “mother” was sacred to An Xiaxia and she wouldn’t allow anyone to insult her with it!

Li Fanxing’s face had turned pale. She stole a glance at An Xiaxia, who looked fierce in her rage. Hence, Li Fanxing was smart enough not to mess with her.

An Xiaxia sneered and raised her delicate chin. “So, who’s the embarrassment now?”

“An Xiaxia… You!” Song Qingchen’s lips quivered and An Xiaxia said, “Insult me again and you’re getting another one!”

Song Qingchen’s arrogance dissipated instantly.

After those satisfyingly threatening words, An Xiaxia climbed up the stairs, feeling that she had vented all the frustration that had accumulated in her chest these days.

Hmph! Momo was right. Why talk when you can use your fists?

“Qingchen… Are you still playing?” Li Fanxing asked hesitantly after An Xiaxia left.

“How can I, with my face like this?” Song Qingchen shouted back in exasperation. She clenched her fists and said, “If I’m not playing… neither is she!”

An Xiaxia sat on a chair backstage, humming the tune she would be playing later.

There was an LED TV there which was showing the scene in the main hall.

The host walked up onto the stage and made the announcement, which was followed by speeches from the officials… The contestants listened with disinterested faces until the host said, “Now, let’s welcome Starry Night to give us the opening performance~”

The room of contestants erupted. After all, they were all middle school and high school students, and most of them had a few idols.

“Wow~ All three of them are so handsome… Let me lean closer and lick the screen!”

“Hm, Lord Jiayu is so good at playing the piano. Lord Yize’s voice is beautiful, too…”

An Xiaxia’s face lit up as she shifted her gaze to the TV screen.

She needed an accompanist…

And He Jiayu… knew how to play the piano!