Chapter 390: The Music Festival (7)

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An Xiaxia pouted and sulked.

Chi Yuanfeng went to He Jiayu’s side and asked grumpily, “Why can tsunderes like Brother Yize get girlfriends in the first place? This is such a cruel world to people like me…”

He Jiayu casually darted him a look and said, “Did you just call yourself a ‘single dog’?”

Pew pew —

Critical Hit ×10000!

Chi Yuanfeng went back to his corner to lick his wounds.

There seemed to be some problem with the central heating in the lounge. An Xiaxia had only sat there for a little while when she was seized by chills. She shuddered involuntarily.

“Are you cold?” Sheng Yize frowned.

An Xiaxia nodded and said in a pained voice, “Try wearing a dress at this time of the year yourself…”

Life could be so hard for girls at times. They had to wear dresses for the competition, unlike the boys, who at least had jackets to ward off the chill.

Sheng Yize took off his jacket and put it on An Xiaxia’s shoulders. He then picked up her cold little hands and wrapped them in his palms, then blew on them.

Her small hands were held in his big ones and his breath was warm on her fingertips. The happiness was heart-melting…

An Xiaxia smiled. Her gaze then shifted to Sheng Yize’s shirt in passing and she was dazed.

Over his white shirt was a black tie with a dark blue pattern. The two pieces matched each other perfectly.

Wasn’t this tie her gift to Sheng Yize…

He had been wearing it this whole time…

Seeing An Xiaxia’s sudden giggle, Sheng Yize scoffed. “Dummy, what are you laughing at?”

“Hmph, Sheng Yize, you have terrible taste!” An Xiaxia gloated. “You call me a dummy and you’re wearing the tie the dummy gave you. Shame on you!”

She said it with a pout. Her lively, pretty face dazzled all three boys.

Sheng Yize was the first to come back to himself. He pinched her cheek and said, “Your tie is pleasing to the eye, that’s all… Don’t flatter yourself!”

“Is it? I recall that you wore that tie to all our events in the past week. A fashion magazine even made it the latest ‘it’ item for youngsters…” He Jiayu said and darted him a teasing look.

Hearing that, An Xiaxia made a face at Sheng Yize. “You insincere man!”

A certain scheming guy blushed a little and looked away in embarrassment.

That staff from earlier pushed the door open and brought in several glasses of hot water.

“Thank you for the performance. Have some water.” She put down the glasses shyly and winked at Sheng Yize before she left.

“Girls are throwing themselves at you again!” An Xiaxia glared at him. Sheng Yize smacked his forehead; it wasn’t like he had any control over that.

He passed An Xiaxia a glass of water. “Have some. It’ll warm you up. It’s almost your turn, isn’t it?”

An Xiaxia didn’t give the water he gave her a second thought. She downed a glass in a few gulps.

The hot water warmed her four limbs and she was much more comfortable now.

Half an hour later, the staff came in again and told An Xiaxia it was her turn.

An Xiaxia opened her case, which contained a finely made violin. She picked it up carefully and there was a confident smile on her face.

“Play the piano for me or I’ll beat you up!” An Xiaxia waved her bow at him.

Sheng Yize smiled and rose to his feet. His tall figure gave her a sense of security.

Just then, An Xiaxia went pale all of a sudden and her heart raced. She was out of breath.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” Sheng Yize noticed it.

“I – I’m fine… just a little nervous.” An Xiaxia gave him an embarrassed smile. “Let’s go. It’s time for our competition!”