Chapter 391: The Music Festival (8)

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That “our” softened Sheng Yize’s heart right away.

He had lived the first dozen years of his life confined in a world filled with darkness and hate.

To him, time was nothing but what he had to idle away.

An Xiaxia had then shown up like a star lighting up an entire universe and a flower blossoming in the desert. She was warm, she was bright, and she was the person he wanted to chase and keep safe.

He chuckled and went on stage with her.

The contestants were free to choose their own piece in the first audition and the time limit was three minutes. After the dozens of contestants previously, the judges and audience had grown tired by now.

However, Sheng Yize caught the attention of everyone as soon as he showed up on stage!

In his white shirt, the teenager looked as elegant as a lotus flower sprouting out of the ground. He sat down at the piano and the shrieks from the audience almost tore the roof off.

“Holy shit. Who is this contestant? Captain Yize is playing for her himself!”

“Guys in white shirts are the best… He’s soooo handsome!”

“That girl is adorable, too… I’m getting a crush on her…”

An Xiaxia walked to the center of the stage, lifting her dress up a little. She then bowed at the judges and the audience, and began playing.

The audience at the festival all had some understanding of music. As the tune rang out, the hall soon quieted down and no one made a sound.

The piece started with the piano playing softly. After the gentle rhythm carried on for eight beats, the melodious violin joined in, sounding lively and delightful. The sound of the two musical instruments intertwined and seemed to create a chemical reaction which soon enthralled everyone!

The judges exchanged looks and all nodded with smiling faces.

The violinist was skillful enough, but still lacked some sophistication emotionally. However, the piano made up for it without taking the spotlight away. Instead, it only set off the violin to advantage.

“Wow… Xiaxia is so good. I never thought Starry Sky would sound so nice from a violin…” In the lounge, Chi Yuanfeng opened his mouth in surprise.

He Jiayu nodded in agreement. An Xiaxia was indeed a very competitive player. She would no doubt make it into the top five in this audition round.

However… He couldn’t help but be concerned by An Xiaxia’s pale complexion earlier.

There was then a close-up of An Xiaxia’s face and He Jiayu’s stomach lurched. He rose to his feet with a grave look on his face.

“Fengfeng, call 120!”

Song Qingchen sat in the audience, wearing a gauze mask to cover up her cheek which was swollen from An Xiaxia’s slap. She gritted her teeth and said, “Damn it. Why is she still standing?”

Li Fanxing frowned. “That drug of yours, it can’t be ineffective, can it?”

“That’s impossible! She should feel terrible now! Her heart should be racing, her body heating up, and she should feel suffocated!” Song Qingchen said confidently. A thought dawned on her all of a sudden. “She couldn’t have been… fighting it all this time, could she?”

The music was still flowing along smoothly. It was a somewhat melancholy piece, but had been turned into a romantic and dreamy tune by the couple. Everyone smiled involuntarily at the sound of it.

The refrain was repeated several times before the music came to the unbelievably beautiful finale.

Bzzzz —

There was suddenly a jarring noise from the violin, which ruined the atmosphere.

An Xiaxia made it to the end with all her might and she dashed backstage without a curtain call!

Sheng Yize sensed something was wrong. Turning around, he saw that slim figure in white collapse to the floor with a thump…