Chapter 392: Are You Her? (1)

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For a moment, Sheng Yize thought his heart stopped beating.

But he only froze for a second before he sprinted toward her and picked her up in both arms.

An Xiaxia was drifting in and out of consciousness. She smelled the fresh and pleasant scent of his shirt and grimaced. “Is this happening because of my infatuation with you… My heart races when I see you, teehee…”

That joke was the last thing she managed to utter. Darkness then filled her sight and she fell into a confusing unconsciousness…

The hospital.

He Jiayu gave Sheng Yize a quick glance. The latter was sitting in the ward by An Xiaxia’s bed. He was holding her hand and had remained unmoving in that position for quite a while now.

Before An Xiaxia fainted, He Jiayu had been the first to realize something wasn’t right and had asked Chi Yuanfeng to call 120.

But he still remembered that after An Xiaxia passed out, Sheng Yize, who had always been such a steady fellow, was completely bewildered.

The look on his face had been terrifying, as if he was ready to kill anyone who stood in his way. With what was left of his senses, he had carried An Xiaxia into the ambulance.

He never said a word during the ride and not a single muscle moved on his face. He emanated an air colder than an iceberg.

Luckily, there was a hospital run by the Sheng Group a short distance away from the venue and they arrived there in a few minutes.

The physician-in-charge was an acquaintance of Sheng Yize’s. He came over to the ward with An Xiaxia’s medical record and greeted He Jiayu when he saw him. “Xiao He, is that Yize’s girlfriend in there?”

He Jiayu nodded. “Yes.”

” Sigh … Poor girl. Who could have slipped her such a potent drug…” The doctor sighed, then went on. “I’m going to brief you on her current condition. Yize never talks much, but I fear that if I tell him this, he might want to kill someone…”

He Jiayu smiled wryly. “He’s too close to her to stay objective, which is totally understandable. Dr. Luo, what drug are you talking about?”

The doctor looked grave. “According to the test results, she had an analeptic overdose today… The ingredients in the drug indicate that it’s a banned medicine in our country. Only those in underground boxing matches or who participate in sports competitions take them illegally… The drug will keep them in a state of excitation, but a large dosage will trigger cardiopathic symptoms such as tachycardia and the feeling of asphyxia, which are all intolerable sensations that even grown men can’t stand…”

He Jiayu’s face turned livid.

It was fortunate that the doctor had decided not to tell Sheng Yize directly, or He Jiayu couldn’t even begin to imagine how the latter would react…

However, who could have been that vile to drug An Xiaxia?

When An Xiaxia woke up again, she felt that the area between her stomach and her chest was burning.

She took a few deep breaths with much difficulty and fought back the pain that brought tears to her eyes.

Someone was clasping her hand tightly and a husky voice called her name. “Xiaxia ”

An Xiaxia answered in a tiny voice. She then poked Sheng Yize’s face with her other hand. “You look awful. You’re so haggard… and you have stubble…”

Sheng Yize felt his heart lurch at her soft voice!

“You imbecile!”

He didn’t know whether he was scolding An Xiaxia or himself.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips. She then remembered their almost perfect performance and smiled brightly. “Sheng Yize, you know what? I think our performance touched a lot of people… I outdid myself today. That was my best performance so far.”

“Yes, you were very good,” Sheng Yize murmured. He then fixed her with a piercing stare and there was a raging fire in his voice. “Why didn’t you say that you weren’t feeling well? You should have stopped performing, dummy!”