Chapter 393: Are You Her? (2)

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An Xiaxia smiled, trying to make light of it. “Don’t worry… I’m fine now, aren’t I?”

It was their first performance together. How could she bring herself to interrupt it?

Moreover, for some reason, from the very first note of their performance, she had detected something… very familiar about it…

That feeling had stopped her from dropping her bow and had filled her with courage.

Sheng Yize didn’t know what to say to her and only sighed with exhaustion. “Xiaxia, do you have any idea… how worried I was…”

So much so that he thought he was going to lose his mind.

An Xiaxia murmured, “I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing to me…” Sheng Yize caressed her soft hair and asked in a sorry tone, “Does it hurt? Feel free to cry. I’ll wipe your eyes and nose for you.”

“No, no, it doesn’t hurt at all.” An Xiaxia wouldn’t let him worry and smiled sweetly.

It actually hurt so much that she felt like crying.

However, what she felt now was nothing compared with the pain she had experienced during the three minutes on stage. She had been covered in cold sweat, yet despite her habit of breaking into tears, she had fought it back with all her might.

She didn’t want to cry anymore. She didn’t want to cry in front of Sheng Yize, because it would upset him.

She was no longer that little girl who cried her eyes out in his arms. She had grown up now and could handle things herself.

Someone as perceptive as Sheng Yize of course could see through that right away.

He kept his gaze on her for a long while without saying a word. Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his pocket.

He picked it up with an impassive face and Song Qingchen’s timid voice came from the other end. “Brother Ah Ze, where are you now… Sob , I’m hurt. I’m in Shengshi Hospital on Minjiang Road…”

That was this same hospital that An Xiaxia was being treated in.

How many times had it happened now? As soon as An Xiaxia entered a hospital, Song Qingchen would soon show up in the same one.

After some thought, Sheng Yize tucked An Xiaxia in and told her to get some rest. He then headed for Song Qingchen’s ward.

Song Qingchen was lying in bed and looked very pale. The sunlight poured in through the window, making her fair skin look almost transparent. With her swollen left cheek, she looked so delicate and touching.

“Brother Ah Ze…” she called out in her soft voice and tears welled up in her eyes. It reminded him of how that little girl in his memories used to butter him up.

However, something felt different.

He had only fondness and indulgence for the Song Qingchen back then. However, the look on her face now only made him want to frown involuntarily and drive her away from the bottom of his heart.

“What happened to your face?” Sheng Yize asked.

It was the result of at least a few slaps!

Song Qingchen lowered her head, wrung her hands together in a pitiful gesture, and went on sobbing. It was quite a while later that she said hesitantly, “If – if I tell you… will you believe me?”

Sheng Yize kept his face emotionless. “Tell me what happened first.”

Song Qingchen made up her mind and let tears fall down her cheeks. “Xiaxia did this to me… I don’t know what I did to make her that angry and beat me up… Brother Ah Ze, I know she’s your girlfriend. I won’t blame her…

“She must be the person you care for the most. I know I’m nothing to you…” With those sentimental words and her teary eyes, even the nurse, who had come in to examine Song Qingcheng, was touched.

“Young man, it’s your fault! Your girlfriend is so savage! How could she bring herself to hit such a pretty girl? That’s outrageous. You should get your girlfriend to apologize to her!”