Chapter 395: Are You Her? (4)

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That causal question pounded on Song Qingchen’s heart like a hammer.

She froze on the spot and clenched her fists.

Was he suspicious of her… No, she couldn’t say no!

Whoever she had been once, right here and right now, she was Song Qingchen!

She was the dear daughter of the Song family and Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart.

She smiled wryly at Sheng Yize. “Brother Ah Ze… Do you remember what you told me that summer when you caught cicadas for me? You fell out of the tree and I was so worried that I cried. The only thing you said to me was, ‘There’s no way out of my world, but loving you has become my only way out. I don’t care if I fall down a cliff, as long as you’re there.’ I admit I’ve done many things… but it was all because I want to be with you. You used to trust everything I said, but why are you doing this to me now…”

Sheng Yize looked shocked when he looked at her again.

He had had some suspicions about Song Qingchen’s identity… However, this was a memory that belonged to the two of them alone.

He spiraled down into his old memories…

Back then in Sunset Town.

The slow pace of the small town had made it the perfect place for recuperation as well as… imprisonment.

Back then, Sheng Yize had witnessed his mother get hit by a car and had suffered a nervous breakdown, which had led to him developing mild autistic symptoms.

Sheng Qingyi had been too busy with the family business to take care of his son. Afraid that the news of his only heir falling ill would get out and affect the stock price of the company, he had secretly sent Sheng Yize away to a remote town where he could be treated.

Sheng Yize was supposed to recover there, but he had also been practically trapped in this small town.

Despite being only six years old, he had accepted the reality of his situation the first day he arrived in town. He read and ate in silence every day — he was so silent that the servants taking care of him had thought he was mute.

Everything changed when Songsong showed up in the neighborhood.

Songsong, the lively and active girl, lived right next door. She would always come round to play with him. She slept beside him when he read and would hum her meaningless nursery rhymes when he played the piano. He had never liked watching TV, but she had forced him to finish “Journey to the West,” “My Fair Princess,” and “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” with her…

Time back then felt just like the name of Sunset Town: days passed by idly and everything was peaceful and quiet.

Sheng Yize gradually recovered.

He and Songsong had also become closer.

One day, Songsong, who was cute as a button, tugged at his sleeve and pointed at a mulberry tree outside. “Brother Ah Zhe, thicadas…”

The boy, who was already remarkably handsome at that early age, corrected her impatiently. “It’s ‘Ze,’ Z-E, Ze! Ah Ze! And they’re cicadas, not thicadas! Songsong, you’re so thick!”

Songsong pouted. “No, I’m not! I’m the cleverest girl in the world!”

“Tch, who told you that?”

“My granny! And the uncle! He gives me little biscuits and nilk everyday!” Songsong stuck out her chest proudly.

“It’s ‘milk’!” he corrected her again. The little girl pursed her lips and glared at him, apparently on the verge of breaking into tears. He regretted it right away.

He sighed. “Don’t cry. I’ll get you a cicada.”

Chu —

Songsong’s eyes lit up. She gave his fair, handsome face a kiss, and the boy fled the scene immediately.

That dummy… You can’t just kiss people like that!

His heart was overwhelmed with sweetness at the thought of how shy he had been once.

Sheng Yize looked at Song Qingchen, who had tears streaming down her cheeks, and pursed his lips. “Don’t cry…”