Chapter 396: The First to Talk Is a Dog (1)

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That didn’t dispel his suspicions about Song Qingchen’s true identity. However, those memories were so tender and affectionate that he couldn’t bring himself to treat Song Qingchen cruelly.

“I – I’m sorry… Brother Ah Ze, I won’t do it again… I’ll stop and you two will have my good wishes… Or I can leave the country. I’m sorry…” Song Qingchen wept in grief and her words sounded sincere. Sheng Yize frowned and said sternly, “If you really are leaving, I’ll go see you off.”

“Alright.” Song Qingchen didn’t try anything else, but answered without hesitation.

That surprised even Sheng Yize.

“Rest well and take care of yourself.” Sheng Yize left after that succinct remark.

Song Qingchen smiled bitterly and stroked her own cheek.

Did it hurt? Of course it did.

Who wouldn’t feel it, after slapping themselves repeatedly?

Sheng Yize… Why isn’t there any place in your heart for me?

Sheng Yize went back to An Xiaxia’s ward with a bag of food.

He helped An Xiaxia sit up and put two big, soft pillows behind her. He then took out a bowl of soup out of the bag, removed the packaging, and blew into the spoon until it was the right temperature before feeding it to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia took one sip and her little face puckered. “It’s so bitter…”

“Because it has medicinal herbs in it. It’s good for your health,” Sheng Yize explained. “Be a good girl and drink it up.”

“No!” An Xiaxia frowned. It was so bitter!

“Yes.” Sheng Yize’s tone was domineering.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips in grievance. “I’m already taking medicine and getting an IV… Why do I have to eat this horrible soup?”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “So, you’re not eating it?”

“Hm…” After much hesitation, An Xiaxia finally summoned up her courage and shook her head.

She really couldn’t! It tasted so awful!

“In that case, I’ll have to feed you myself.” After saying that with an impassive face, Sheng Yize took a sip of the soup while An Xiaxia watched in disbelief. He then pinned her down on the bed.

Their lips touched and the taste of the herbs and his own refreshing smell filled her mouth. An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. So, that was what he had meant by “feeding her himself”?!

Her teeth were pried open and the soup poured into her mouth down to the last drop. An Xiaxia felt like crying, but no tears would come. She pushed him away with all her might. “Fine, I’ll drink it… I’ll drink it myself…”

“Good girl.” Sheng Yize patted her head and casually passed her the bowl.

An Xiaxia’s pretty eyebrows knitted tightly as she sipped at the soup, looking as if she was headed for the gallows.

It was… so bitter…

“I went to see Song Qingchen just then.” Sheng Yize wasn’t going to keep it from her and told her everything that had happened. He then scolded An Xiaxia with a frown. “Whatever your reason, you shouldn’t have hit her.”

An Xiaxia jolted, spilling the soup.

She glared at Sheng Yize. “What do you mean by ‘I shouldn’t have hit her’?! It was her fault. What’s wrong with me hitting her?!”

She was overwhelmed by grievance. After everything that had happened, it was her fault now?

“Xiaxia!” Sheng Yize raised his voice. “Be reasonable.”

“I see, I’m unreasonable now. Fine, unreasonable I am!” An Xiaxia smacked the bowl on the table and pulled the duvet over her head, swearing never to talk to Sheng Yize again!

She knew she shouldn’t have made it physical, but Sheng Yize didn’t know what had set her off. Song Qingchen had called her a motherless child first… She couldn’t just stand there and let her do so…

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. In the end, she simply climbed out of bed and pushed Sheng Yize out the door!

Dark-faced, Sheng Yize asked, “What are you doing?”