Chapter 397: The First to Talk Is a Dog (2)
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“I’m doing exactly what you see I’m doing! Sheng Yize, you disgust me. I’m angry this time. Very, very angry!” An Xiaxia’s cheeks were flushed with anger and Sheng Yize didn’t know how to respond to her words.

He was going to cajole her when An Xiaxia slammed the door in his face, almost bumping into his nose.

Sitting down on the bench in the corridor, the scheming fellow was very disgruntled.

That woman! Why on earth was she so angry?!

Su Xiaomo arrived at the hospital to find a national idol sulking on the bench. The tsundere retained his detached manner, but that indifferent face looked rather dorky at that moment…

She went up to him with a teasing smile. “Why, you and Xiaxia had a fight?”

“No.” Sheng Yize looked away awkwardly.

“Oh~” Su Xiaomo patted him on the shoulder, playing the tough guy. “Young man, it’s time to man up. Do you want me to give you a hint about Xiaxia’s Achilles’ heel?”

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. He knew Su Xiaomo wouldn’t offer it freely on a plate.

“Teehee…” Su Xiaomo mimed counting money on her fingers. “Be sincere, ok? I see you don’t like Xiaxia all that much…”

“I do like her that much!” Sheng Yize blurted out. Su Xiaomo immediately gave him a mischievous look, which made him blush a little. He then cleared his throat and asked, “What do you want?”

“He Jiayu’s nude photo.”


Even someone as level-headed as Sheng Yize was shocked by that request.

“By ‘nude’… do you mean naked?” Sheng Yize asked after much hesitation.

“That’s right. Get me the photo and I’ll tell you her soft spot~” Su Xiaomo said like a showoff before dashing into the ward.

An Xiaxia lay motionless in bed. Her chest was hurting again from the tantrum and she felt awful at that moment.

Su Xiaomo pounced onto the bed. “Xiaxia, are you alright? I heard you fainted as soon as you finished playing. You weakling! How can you be in such poor health?”

She hadn’t been told about An Xiaxia being drugged.

An Xiaxia moaned a little and said weakly, “I’m fine… What happened to you? You’re gloating.”

“Teehee… I’ve come up with an idea to get back at someone…” Su Xiaomo raised her chin and smirked.

Elsewhere, He Jiayu sneezed.

Why, was someone missing him?

An Xiaxia didn’t like the hospital atmosphere, so she called home and found an excuse to stay with Su Xiaomo.

Sheng Yize volunteered to give them a ride, but An Xiaxia turned him down bluntly. “I’m not getting into your car!”

Sheng Yize gave her a long, deep look. He almost looked helpless.

“Xiaxia… Don’t be mad at me…” This was the first time he had surrendered before she did, but An Xiaxia only snorted. “Don’t talk to me until I forgive you! The first one to talk to the other is a dog!”

Su Xiaomo covered her mouth and snickered. She was having a great time seeing Idol Sheng defeated like this.

“I’ll drive you, then.” He Jiayu smiled gently, which almost scared the wits out of Su Xiaomo.

“That won’t be…” However, before she could finish her words, An Xiaxia nodded. “Alright. Thank you.”

Su Xiaomo felt like throwing An Xiaxia into the Pacific Ocean.

He Jiayu darted a look at Sheng Yize with a teasing smile on his face. He then drove the girls to the Su family home.

Su Xiaomo asked out of politeness, “Do you want to come up and have some tea?”

He Jiayu accepted the invitation and went upstairs with them, and Su Xiaomo almost choked.

While Su Xiaomo reluctantly went to make some tea, He Jiayu sat waiting on the sofa. A few colorful comic books were scattered around and he picked one up randomly. Just then, Su Xiaomo roared, “Dude, put it down!”