Chapter 398: The First to Talk Is a Dog (3)
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“Um…” He was taken by surprise and the comic book fell out of his hand. It landed on the floor to reveal its contents, which were of quite a few salacious drawings…

The room turned silent…

Deadly silent…

Su Xiaomo felt like a martyr about to be burned at the stake. More than anything else right now, she wished she was holding dynamite instead of a teapot so that she could blow He Jiayu up right here and right now!

No… That was the only word she could think of at that moment.

An Xiaxia looked up at the ceiling and smacked her own forehead. “Well, I don’t feel so well… I’m going to take a nap…” Now was the perfect time to scram!

After An Xiaxia excused herself, Su Xiaomo opened her mouth, but didn’t know how to talk herself out of this.

He Jiayu calmly picked up the comic book and complimented, “Nice drawings.”

“How did you know I drew them?” Su Xiaomo almost slapped herself as soon as she asked that question.

Damn it. She had practically admitted it willingly!

“Ahem… No, no, I didn’t draw this. I bought… no, I borrowed it for research. It’s research, you know? It’s not as lewd as it seems. It’s… It’s art, young man!” Su Xiaomo was still trying to bullshit her way out of this. Her pretty face was getting redder and her cheeks were so hot that she felt like smoke was rising out of her hair.

She was a tough girl, all right. She enjoyed her careless life and lascivious tastes, but she would still feel abashed when the guy she liked found out about the yaoi comics she drew herself!

He Jiayu smiled and changed the subject. “Do you live here alone?”

His smile was therapeutic and before she realized it, Su Xiaomo had calmed down. She gave him an ambiguous reply and poured him a glass of water. She then eyed him with an unblinking gaze, hoping that he would leave after finishing the water.

Maybe her gaze was too intense. Even He Jiayu, who had always been at ease, grew restless. “Please don’t stare at me like that.”

Su Xiaomo blushed again. She chuckled awkwardly and took out her phone. “Bro, help yourself with the water. I’m going to play a game.”

“I don’t see many girls playing mobile games these days.” He Jiayu moved closer to watch her play. However, right at that moment, Su Xiaomo’s phone buzzed, indicating that she had an incoming message.

When she tapped it open, another silence fell over the room.

From: Sheng Yize.

Content: The photo you asked for.

It was a picture of He Jiayu that had been taken on the beach. He was wearing nothing but swimming trunks and she could see pretty much everything. It was as good as a nude photo…

Pftttt —

Awkward! SO AWKWARD!

Idol Yize, you sure know how to choose the right time to send the photo!

She gulped, racking her brain for an explanation.

He Jiayu kept his silence and the look in his eyes was indecipherable.

An idea came to Su Xiaomo all of a sudden and she smacked her thigh. “You know what? Young man, I was trying to find out what a guy’s six-pack looks like. Sheng Yize was being helpful and sent me this photo. Yup, that’s the whole story. Oh my, look how handsome you are in the photo. And the six-pack, and that Apollo’s belt. I bet it must feel so nice to touch…”

“May I speak now?” He Jiayu asked quietly. Su Xiaomo was a little confused and nodded. He Jiayu then cleared his throat and said, “First of all, you were smacking my thigh… Ahem, Su Xiaomo, your strength… is as exceptional as ever…”

Su Xiaomo thought she was going to die from shame in that instant!

“Secondly, if you want to touch it, be my guest,” he said calmly, then lifted his shirt, revealing his lean waist. She could faintly make out his abdominal muscles and his Apollo’s belt.

Su Xiaomo: !!!

To touch or not to touch, that was the question!