Chapter 399: The First to Talk Is a Dog (4)

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Her cheeks flushed, but her eyes were frighteningly bright.

It was very quiet in the room. Su Xiaomo swallowed, which sounded awfully loud and almost had a libidinal feel to it…

“Wouldn’t it be inappropriate…” Su Xiaomo said in a reserved manner, which was so rare of her. He Jiayu remained calm as ever and nodded. “It would, I suppose…”

Somehow, Su Xiaomo would affect his behavior whenever she was around…

He was about to put his shirt down when Su Xiaomo blinked and gave his abdomen a quick poke.

The earth seemed to stop turning at that moment.

Su Xiaomo drew her hand back like a thief that had just been caught. She then darted an alarmed look at He Jiayu. Seeing that he wasn’t angry, she whistled in her head.

Mwahahaha~ That was awesome!

He Jiayu smiled and straightened his clothes, as if nothing had happened.

He downed the water in one gulp and rose to his feet. “I’m off, then.”

Su Xiaomo was as happy as a cat with stolen fish. She was only faintly aware of his words and nodded happily. “Sure, kneel and leave.”

He Jiayu asked, “I have to kneel first?”

Pfft —

Only then did Su Xiaomo realize what she had said. She explained embarrassedly, “Sorry about that. I’m so used to talking to Kang Jian and Xiaxia that way. I’m not asking you to kneel.”

“I see…” He Jiayu nodded and his smile was as warm as an April breeze. “Su Xiaomo, we’re still good friends, aren’t we?”

Su Xiaomo’s head cooled down right away at that question.

That brief moment of intimacy had done nothing to change their relationship.

Su Xiaomo forced a self-mocking smile. “Yes, good friends…”

He Jiayu left after that and she sat on the sofa, staring blankly into the air.

She almost thought she could still feel his temperature on her fingertips, but what had happened was nothing but a fantasy.

The closer she got to him, the more vulnerable she became. One smile from him was enough to destroy her.

She stormed off to her bedroom, where the adorkable An Xiaxia was lying on her stomach watching cartoons. Seeing her come in, An Xiaxia smiled mischievously. “Oh my… What were you two doing out there?”

“Nothing happened and I’m going to take my revenge! Mwahahahaha~” Su Xiaomo stood there with arms akimbo and guffawed, while the look on An Xiaxia’s face said, “Shit, this imbecile is nuts again.” She then took out her wacom and began to sketch.

Half an hour later, she showed the wacom to An Xiaxia with a malicious grin. “What do you think?”

An Xiaxia blushed at first glance!

On it, a character that looked like He Jiayu was being pinned down by a stalwart man. His face was a mixture of pain and enjoyment. Neither of the two wore any clothes and the drawing was very explicit!

“You’re so good at this!” An Xiaxia sighed with admiration while Su Xiaomo snorted. “He Jiayu, feel my wrath!”

She made a few minor changes before posting it online, which gave rise to a round of heated discussion about whether Lord Jiayu was a top or a bottom…

Meanwhile, Sheng Yize received a message from Su Xiaomo.

“Xiaxia has the easiest soft spot: she’s too tenderhearted. She will fight you when you’re all domineering, but if you show weakness, hohoho~”

Sheng Yize put down his phone and blinked. His nice eyebrows knitted together tightly.

Show weakness… How could he achieve that…

His gaze shifted to the bathroom and a cunning smile spread across his face.

He turned on the shower and let the cold water run down. He then stood happily under the rushing water.

That night, An Xiaxia received a phone call from a panic-stricken Chi Yuanfeng. “Aaah! Xiaxia, help! Brother Yize is ill!”