Chapter 4: The Nation’s Idol Has Arrived (2)

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Kang Jian was the type with ample muscle but little brain. Thus, he didn’t get An Xiaxia’s signal at all. Instead, he jumped right off the wall.

There was a thump as he landed perfectly on the ground.

The corner of the dean’s lips twitched once again.

The three thousand students of Qixia High quietly watched the duo, and five seconds later, they erupted with hooting and cheers.

“Wow, those two are so awesome! They actually chose such a cool way to make their grand entrance!”

” Sigh , what good will it do them? The one who sticks their neck out first also gets hit first.”

“They dared to mess around under the dean’s nose; did they even think about what their school lives would be like?”

Kang Jian had yet to come to his senses, but the old principal couldn’t take it anymore. His body quivered as he glanced incredulously over to where An Xiaxia had fallen.

The dean beside him, who was wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, knitted his brows as he walked over to An Xiaxia and sternly asked, “Which class are you two from? What is going on here?”

An Xiaxia was about to cry. She had considered many possibilities, but never did she expect that they would both end up directly climbing into the school opening ceremony!

She decided to try and fight her fate. “Sir, we’re not Qixia High’s…” The word “students” didn’t even get a chance to come out before Kang Jian was already saying with a carefree air, “Sir, we’re both in Year 1, Class B!”

An Xiaxia was nearly driven mad.

The dean took off his glasses and said angrily, “Where is Year 1 Class B’s class teacher? Come out and take your students away!”

After being scolded for half an hour by the woman before them, who had tightly curled hair and was probably going through menopause, An Xiaxia finally couldn’t take it anymore and pleaded, “Ma’am, it was all our fault. We won’t ever do it again.”

The class teacher gabbled on noisily. “Do you have any idea how horrible your actions were? You were late and you entered the school by climbing over the wall! Did you ever once think of me, your teacher! Did you ever once think of the school rules! Did you ever once think of Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, Newton, or Einstein…”

Standing next to An Xianxia, Kang Jian whispered happily, “Xiaxia, you know that we’re actually in Class C, right?”

Pfft —

An Xiaxia nearly choked herself to death on her own spit and asked in a shaky voice, “Are you sure about this? We’re lying to a teacher!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Kang Jian proudly patted his chest. However, he wanted to bite his own tongue off at the class teacher’s next words.

“What are your names? I need to check you off on the student list!” The class teacher then took out a crumpled student information chart as she looked at the duo with knitted eyebrows.

An Xiaxia: “T_T” God has forsaken me!

Kang Jian: “T_T” God wants to kill me!

Right when they thought they were going to be even more fiercely chastised, there was an uproar in the distance —

An Xiaxia looked in the direction that the noise was coming from and froze on the spot, as though someone had put a Full Body Bind spell on her.

The dean’s joyful voice rang out at that time. “In this cool autumn season, Qixia High will be holding a great event. The nation’s famous idol group Starry Night’s three members will be officially enrolling into Qixia High for their studies. Will our teachers and students please applaud to welcome them!”

With the brush of a gentle breeze, some clouds clustered together while others smoothed out as the three god-like boys stepped toward the flagpole. The sun limned their bodies with pale gold, and because they were against the light, their faces were a blur.

The crowd was quiet for a moment before it exploded with thunderous cheers.

An Xiaxia’s mouth had opened in an “O” shape.

This… She wasn’t dreaming, was she?

The group that was often seen on television… is actually coming to Qixia High for school?