Chapter 40: Kill Them And It’s On Me

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Sheng Yize’s expression suddenly froze.

He narrowed his eyes and focused his gaze on An Xiaxia.

She was such an ordinary girl, but what was it about her that made him get so attached?

He looked away and said like a tsundere, “I just happened to be passing by.”

“Oh… But shouldn’t you be in class right now?” An Xiaxia asked as she tilted her head in confusion.

For the first time in Sheng Yize’s life, he was speechless.

He glared at An Xiaxia and said in a slightly mean tone, “You talk too much!”

An Xiaxia timidly lowered her head and pulled at the lower hem of her school uniform. She then idly waited on one side for An Yibei to come out.

An Yibei easily dismissed the principal with a few sentences. No one knew what kind of ruthless things he had said to the latter, but the aged principal held An Xiaxia by her arm and tried to suck up to her by giving her many passionate compliments, which gave her goosebumps.

“Miss An, be a good student. The school needs talents like you…”

An Xiaxia smirked and withdrew her arm, not caring about the principal’s grim expression. She then crouched down in a corner and began to retch again.

This lousy principal! When I get home, I’m gonna file a complaint to the mayor’s hotline! Then I’ll go to the school forum to trash him!

While An Xiaxia was retching noisily, An Yibei noticed Sheng Yize. He straightened his glasses and smiled. “Young Master Sheng, I have a proposition for a collaboration. Are you interested?”

Sheng Yize frowned. Anyone who could guess his connection with the Sheng family was not an ordinary person.

“The Sheng family and the Jian family have always been rivals in real estate. Lately, you’ve been competing for a development project. I don’t believe the Sheng family likes the Jian family very much. It just so happens that I don’t like them, either…”

Sheng Yize stared at him for two seconds before smiling indifferently and replying in a low voice, “Ok.”

The two men hence traded imperceptible blows. An Yibei was apparently very pleased with Sheng Yize and patted the latter on the shoulder before walking over to help An Xiaxia to her feet.

“Go back to your classroom and be a good student. Next time someone bullies you, don’t hesitate. Fight back! Dad will cover the medical bill if you hurt them. Kill them and it’s on me!” His icy words were also caught by Jian Xin’er and Ding Yiyi, who had just come out of the principal’s office, and they nearly stumbled and fell to the floor.

God, how could there be such a vicious man in this world?

An Xiaxia’s expression was full of surprise as she whispered, “Dear brother, I feel like you’re a bit more handsome today.”

An Yibei smirked and rubbed his chin. “I’ve always been this handsome.”

An Xiaxia: “…”

“I still have some unfinished business and I’ll leave you here. Ah, this is a present I bought for you.” An Yibei threw a ticket into An Xiaxia’s hands. It turned out to be a ticket for Rong Che’s concert next week!

“Ahhh! My dear brother, I love you!” An Xiaxia was so happy that she wanted to jump him, but An Yibei pushed her away. “Go away. Back to your class.”

An Xiaxia pursed her lips, held onto the ticket, and merrily returned to the classroom with Sheng Yize.

It was currently break time between classes.

Su Xiaomo wore a gauze mask as she crept over to An Xiaxia’s side and whispered, “Hey, Dummy Xia, tell me the truth. What exactly is your relationship with Sheng Yize?”

“Fellow students,” An Xiaxia replied without hesitation.

“Like hell! If you were really just fellow students, then when your brother came to school to find you just then, why would Sheng Yize follow him to the principal’s office without hesitation?”

An Xiaxia froze.

An Yibei came to school to find her because he was stopping by to give her a present.

Then what exactly had Sheng Yize been doing when he went over to the principal’s office?

Didn’t he say that he was just passing by…

An Xiaxia kept thinking about it, but still couldn’t figure out why.

Could it be that… Sheng Yize was fond of her?